The next morning I was cuddle up by Marcus in his arms :) I got up in called Dakota and Lilly on 2 way .

On the phone :Dakota and lily

Mercedes:sup y'all ay let's go to the nail shop and stuff cause I need to relax

Dakota and lily:ight will be there :)

I hung up in kissed Marcus on the forehead ...WHAT I KNOW I CANT GET OVER HIM but anyway I took a shower in got dressed in a hot pink roses crop top shirt and my tie died blue jean shorts with my pink flip flops and I brushed my teeth I put my hair in a pony tail and also my pink lipstick with my sunglasses ..

Mercedes:ASH GET UP were about to go to the nail shop to go relax

Marcus comes up behind me in kisses my neck 🙈

Marcus:morning babe *squeezing Mercedes butt cheek*

Ashely:okay I'll go get ready

Marcus:Mercedes babe I want u please I miss u being my date I want u

Mercedes:Marcus i don't know okay I'm going to the nail shop with the girls so ...just save it ...

Marcus:please would u think about it

After that Ashely got done getting ready we both left out her door in went to go pick up lily and Dakota we went to "luck nails"...

Lily:so how's the date Ashely

Ashely:great then we went home

Mercedes:oh here we go *rolling her eyes*


Dakota:you went Mercedes ?


Lily:how was it for u

Mercedes:great :)

Dakota:I wish I could've went

Mercedes:oh u and ash would probably having the same date *laughing*

Ashely:very funny


Dakota:*rolling her eyes*whatever

Lily:so did y'all make love Mercedes


Dakota:and u say I'm nasty

Mercedes:what he grab me in his room plus it was my first time

The girls : :o


Lily:really Mercedes ur first time


Dakota:so u gave it to him

Lily:is y'all together

Ashely:Mercedes don't know

Mercedes:guys idk all I know is that we had our first date in we was chilling in sex

Dakota:oh well least it was great :)

Lily:ay we should go out

Ashely:can't I'm going to visit Patrick at the hospital

Dakota:my boo thang

Ashely:no Dakota he's mine

Dakota:hell -

Mercedes:ay we getting our feet done so chill what happen was pj got shot in the leg in the best thing is he okay


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