Chapter 1

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You're a simple girl, you don't wear dresses, make-up, because that's not your style. But then one boy came to your life, will you change? Then if you changed, can you still get over him or gets back to your old style? And lately you became a prideful, and don't want to accept your wrongs, its just because your heart is broken? Or it's really you and you just don't show it to others? What will happen?

This is your first day of school. You wash your face and take a shower, and cook some foods for your breakfast. 

You really hate school because of too many projects, and too much bad girls there.

When you finished eating your breakfast, you go to Hanna's house (your bestfriend since childhood) and then you walk together and go to school. 

Then when your there, you and Hanna try to look at where's your classroom. But this time you and Hanna are not classmate, this makes you feel sad. 

As you walk in the hallway, you heard 3 girls talking about a new 7 transferees. They say they are so handsome, cute and talented, one of the girls said. Yeah right, and they say they are popular! another girl said. 

You doidn't really care about it, and continue to walk in the hallway, until you bumped into someone, and it makes you fall. When you look up, you saw a handsome boy standing there. Then he help you to stand up. He smiled and said "looking for your classroom"? And then you replied "yes". Then you introduced yourself to him, and he smiled that makes your heart melt. Then he said my name is Jeon Jengguk but you can call me Jungkook. Then you and Jungkook go to your classroom. 

You're so happy, he's your classmate and your seatmate. 

Lunch time

You and Jungkook eat together. And then you heard Hanna calling your name so many times, but she stop when she saw Jungkook with you. Then she ask who is he? And you answered he's Jungkook my classmate, he's a new student here. Then Hanna join the two of you to eat lunch. 

After lunch, the three of you goes to your classroom. As you were walking to your classroom with Jungkook, the girls gives you a death glare, as they look they were going to kill you. But you just ignored them. 

After class, you pack your things and ready to go home. Then Jungkook as you to walk you home. Then you agree. You and Jungkook walk together and talk. When you're in your house, you thanked Jungkook for walking you home, then he smile and said it was ok, by the way nice to meet you, my new friend. Then he leaves and you said "bye, nice to meet you, see you tomorrow"

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