Him. (1)

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short story, completely fictional.

I am a, well, very playful kind of person, and pulling pranks is daily life for me. I always know when to stop, although I occasionally put a toe across that line. But this, is the first time I have ever seen someone have a tolerance this high for me.

I like to describe myself as a leech. I stick to someone, and then never ever let go. Unfortunately, my dear, you caught my eye.

He's different. I have never felt so protective of someone or something, except my family. He's so thin. I can hug him with one arm, and feel his bones. I know his bones hurt when I hug him, because he's way too thin, and I always accidentally hug his bones. It pains me to see him so thin, and when he went swimming without his top, the only thought in my mind was "He's way too thin" instead of any perverted thoughts. For the first time in my life, I wanted to protect someone this much.

This started as a ridiculous joke, but hopefully, this ends as something beautiful.

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