Good Girl With Bad Habits

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Good marks, and good school attendence. Rarely speaks out of line and is the perfect student. Not the entire truth though. Sneaks out of the house, swears to her parents and breaks promises to friends, this is Isabella Miller.

Not many girls like her, from all her broken promises, only one can hold the girl in place. That is her best friend and fellow troublemaker, Chloe Houston. Though she adores her little brother Asher, Isabella has issues with her older brother, Jayden, one of the school's bad boys.

There is history between Isabella and Jayden, but neither want to reveal what it is. Things get difficult when you throw Asher and Chloe to figure out what is with the tension between the two of them.

A good girl with bad habits and a bad boy. What could go wrong? Everything.

By the way, I'm Australian so excuse some words that Americans may not use and the spelling

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