Laura's p.o.v:

What has gotten into ross? Why was he calling me a chicken? that's so rude of him >:( He never yelled at me so seriously. He knew that I was afraid of heights, still he...
Ugh I should just forget about him right now.
I took a shower and changed my closed but when I came back, I had a text message, and sure enough it was from ross.

Ross: hey laura, I am sorry for yelling at you earlier...

*sigh* I decided not to reply back, hopefully we will settle this down tomorrow. after all, I really WAS tired after the long day.

I fell fast asleep as soon as I hit the pillow.


Rydel's p.o.v:

I woke up and took a shower. after I got dressed I went downstairs to the breakfast table as saw Everyone sitting and eating except ross.

Stormie: good morning, rydel honey, would you call ross, he hasn't come down yet.

Rydel: sure mom

I went upstairs and knocked at Ross's door. I waited there and knocked again but there was no reply. I walked in and saw ross sleeping.

Rydel: Ross, wake up!

Ross: *groans*

He was mumbling something in his sleep, I came closer and heard him say.....Laura

Rydel: ROSS!

Ross sprung up like a jolt of lightening

Ross: woah! wha-.....oh, it's you rydel

Rydel: ross, why were you mumbling Laura's name in your sleep?

He looked down.

Ross: it's nothing

I sat on the bed next to him

Rydel: ross, you can tell me anything, I am your big sister

He takes a deep breath

Ross: well, me and Laura hung out at the carnival yesterday and then I wanted to take a ride on the Ferris wheel, but laura was afraid of heights and then I called her a chicken and yelled at her

Rydel: well, that was rude

Ross: yeah, I know, I texted her later yesterday but she didn't reply back

Rydel: go talk to her and tell her why you were being a Dumbass

Ross: rydel!

Rydel: rydel * I imitate the way he said it*haha, now get ready and come down for breakfast

Ross gets up and takes a shower

I walk out of his room.

Ross's p.o.v:

Rydel was right, I should talk to laura
I got out of the shower and got dressed. I went out without having breakfast straight to Laura's house.

I knocked at her door.

A few seconds later someone opened the door.

Vanessa: hi ross! what brings you so early today?

Ross: well, I wanted to see laura

Vanessa: ohhh, I see, she's in her room

Ross: thanks

I walked and went upstairs and knocked at her door

"Coming! " she yelled

She opened the door I walked in

Ross: hey laura, how are you?

Laura: I am fine

She didn't look like laura today, she looked more like, sad, not the laura I know.

Ross: look laura, I am sorry for yelling at you, I didn-

Laura: it's ok ross, you just yelled at me, not like you hit me... ( she says while holding some of her hair)

Ross: really? thanks, I was really tensed about it

She just stood there, and then hugged me. she hugged my so tight and started crying on my shoulder
What happened to her?

She didn't pull back for a while though, and I didn't want we to do so either...... Wait, this is a friendly hug, right? But friendly hugs don't last so long

I felt a weird feeling in my stomach, like, butterflies...
It seemed like the best feeling for her to touch me.
I felt the sparks fly when she hugged me.
I Felt.....different, I felt like, something ...
She finally pulled back. her eyes were red and puffy. Why was she crying? what happened to her

" What happened to you laur?" I asked with concern in my eyes

Laura: I...I....I got....

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