The Hospital Our Second Home

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Hey guys today I was having a bad day and I got so annoyed I almost deleted the whole fan fiction but I'm fine now, so let's carry on with the dramatic chapter :)

Authors POV        

Valley and Michael were done with their sexy bussiness from last chapter. They went downstairs and heard glass breaking.

''It's probably just my dog.'' Valley said suspiciously.

''WOAH'' Michael shouted as he saw a 6 foot grown man in a black suit gazing around the kitchen.

Valley and Michael ran up to the burglar and started kicking him, Valley managed to kick the knife out of his hands, and it was lying on the floor, so she grabbed it, and aimlessly started stabbing the burglar, but accidently, stabbed Michael. 

''IM SO SORRY MICHAEL PLEASE LIVE'' Valley screamed, not caring about the burglar.

She took the knife out of Michael, laying on the floor, and stuck it back into the burglar. She tried to cover Michael's wound so no blood would come out. 

''Why did I do that? I'm so stupid! Urgh'' Valley said, slapping herself in the face, 

Valley heard a murmuring coming from Michael. 

''Are you alive? Please tell me you are!'' Valley shouted

She rang 911, which had already been done twice in this relationship. 

''911 What's your emergency?''

''My bo- friend just got stabbed!'' Valley screamed

''.. We will be there in just a second!''

They weren't ''just a second'' they were almost 15 minutes, causing Valley to give up on believing that he still had a chance of living.

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