A quartet?!

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A few days later, break is over and you went back school with your violin. *Let's prepare myself for the last selection.* You thought and nodded. When school ended, you are about to go home when Joonhyun stopped you. "Jaehee-yah." He spoke and you turned around to see him behind you. "Ssaem, what's wrong?" You asked, shocked. "Yah, i think Yongho has something to tell you and the others." Joonhyun said and you nodded.

You went to the music room conference and saw him with Jaeyeop and a male student. "Glad you could come." Yongho said and you looked at him, confused. "I was planning a quartet to perform for the kids. Can you help me out?" He asked and you sighed. "Fine.." You said and he smiled. "Oh yeah, meet Han Haejo, a violin major as well and he's in the orchestra club. He agreed to help me." Yongho said and you nodded. "Annyeonghaseyo." You greeted and he greets back. "Sunbae, what are we playing then?" You asked and he gave out the music scores. Your face darkened when you saw your part. *Why me? Why do i always get the hard parts?* You thought as you sighed. "Yongho-ssi, when will we perform?" Jaeyeop asked and he looked at him. "Tomorrow after school." Yongho said and you jaw-dropped. "Then.. Shall we practice first?" Haejo suggested and all of you nodded.

As you took out your violin, Haejo looked at you, stunned. "Wow.. A golden violin is very rare." He said and you nodded. "Ne, it is and expensive too so i take very good care of it." You said and Haejo nodded. After practicing a few times, all of you call it a day and went home. When you reached home, you greeted your brothers and went to your room. After locking the door, you practiced a few more times.

The next day, after school, you went to the school gate and saw Jaeyeop with Haejo. "Seems like everyone's here, let's go then." Yongho said when a car stopped in front of you. "Jaehee, let's go." Jaeyeop said and you sat at the back seat with Jaeyeop while Haejo sat at the passenger's seat. Once all of you arrived, all of you went into the room and all the kids looked at you. "Annyeong, as i promised all of you, we are going to perform one song for all of you." Yongho said and all of them cheered and applauded. As you are smiling and looking at the kids, you felt Haejo getting nervous. "Yah, why are you nervous? When i am the one getting the difficult parts?" You asked and he smiled sheepishly, making you smile as well.

"Ready? Start from the fifth beat." Yongho said and all of you nodded. Once he tapped his feet five times, all of you started playing. As all of you are playing, you looked at the smiling faces of the kids, making you smile and relax a little. After the performance, the kids applauded and requested an encore, making you smile while Yongho laughed.

After the performance, all of you stayed and taught the kids how to play the violin. "Aniyo, you should press here. Now try it." You said and the little girl made a sound and she smiled happily, making you smile too. A few hours passed from staying there and when you looked at the time, it's already evening. "Wow.. Time so past so fast when you are enjoying." You said and Jaeyeop nodded. "Come on, your parents are all here and we can start again tomorrow. Although these oppas and unnie won't be here." Yongho said and the kids left after waving goodbye. "Shall we go off too then?" Yongho asked and the three of you nodded.

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