Chapter 6

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Chapter 6~ the secret~
"What the fuck happened??" I looked around hoping for answers. when blossom spoke up "they're back Aria, and they want you" fuck. I was completely fucked. "whose back?" I heard the Neanderthal question. "No one you need to know about. and if you value your precocious life I suggest you leave and pretend you didn't come here today." I looked straight at him. " No way baby, I leave you leave too." "Brad will you drag this dumbass out of my sight." I said sternly still trying to figure out what I was gonna do. " Hell no I'm not leaving until you tell me who is back and why you seem so terrified!" i just stared at him blankly "brad take him away, he doesn't need to know anything it's my shit, that I'm going to deal with." finally when he was out of the room I got up and locked the door and sat on the bed again. " so the twins are back and they want another war huh?" I asked to myself mostly "seems that way, what are you gonna do?" isis commented "yeah, what are you gonna do? because they don't just want money this time, they want you!" As soon as those words left Isis' mouth I knew I was in deep. "Well do you know anything about where they're staying, who they're talking? Oh my god have they talked to my parents yet? Do my parents know they're here?" I couldn't stop thinking if my parents and the twins team up I wouldn't see more than four walls my whole life. " Aria you need to calm down, they've been staying at the usual mansion up north, they've been keeping a low profile, and I'm sure your parents do not know or else shit would've gone down already." blossom stated calmly. " I don't know guys, shits happened in the last 24 hours, serious life changing shit." I started to tell them exactly what happened with my parents and the gold family. " Holy cheese balls aria what did you get into this time." Isis sighed. Well you have to tell him if you're staying with him, he's going to find out eventually. you might as well tell him." as soon as those words left Isis' mouth, he walked in "tell me what?" Fuck

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