Liam's voice surprised me. I mean I didn't expect him to be the first one to start the inevitable conversation between us.

"We need to talk." He simply stated. He didn't start well. His tone was cold and unpleasant. I was mentally preparing myself for the upcoming feeling of rejection. I had felt this feeling many times in the past but I knew this time was much more different.

"Talk about what?" I knew exactly about what he wanted to talk about but I wasn't having it. I wanted him to say it.

"You know exactly about what." He said. He was playing it hard to talk.

"How can I know if you don't tell me?" And I was playing along. I wasn't going to back down. Not now, not ever.

"We kissed." He stated. Yeah like I wasn't there. Of course we kissed. Now tell me that you regretted it and you don't want to see me ever again. 

"So what? Is that all?" I said simply. I wasn't going to show him my feelings. I needed time to express my  feelings to someone that hated me.

"So it didn't mean anything to you?" He said widening his eyes lightly like he expected me to take that kiss to heart. 

It meant much more than you could ever imagine. But you're so blind to see that. You are so stupid, Liam.

"Why? Did it mean anything to you?" I asked trying to avoid answering his previous question.

"Yes, it did." My heart stopped beating when I heard him say that.

"Really?" He got me by surprise. I couldn't believe our kiss meant something to him.

"Of cousre. I realised how much I might hate you." He said. Was he actually being serious? I wanted to disappear from the surface of this planet. I wanted to be as far from him as I could. I felt pathetic and desperate.

"You hate me?" I muttered. I wanted to die. To never breath the same air as him.

"Yes. I hate you but-.."

"There are no buts. I think we should end it all here." I interrupted him. I think I already had enough. I didn't want to hear him say more about this whole situation. I was humiliated. I ran off to my bedroom and locked myself in there. 

I sat on the bed looking at the wall in front of me. He couldn't be that heartless. He was such a monster. But if he hated me that much then I had to hate him back. That's what I was going to do but first he had to know about how I was feeling about him. The first chance I got, I would tell him everything.

After a few long hours of torturing myself with questions with no answer, I heard a knock on the door.

"I don't want to talk to anyone. Leave me alone." I yelled at whoever was behind the door, throwing my pillow at the door. 

"Kathie, it's me. Mind to open the door?" I heard Jame's voice. Without giving it a second thought, I got up from the bed and opened the door but I didn't let him come in.

He was alone. That was good because I barely wanted him there, let alone someone of the others. Not to sound rude or bad but I hated everyone at that point. 

"Why are you crying?" He said while raising his hand to dry my tears on my cheeks but I stepped back.

I touched my face and then I realised that I was crying. I hadn't realised it untill James told me. I was so into my own world that I didn't even realise I was crying. Liam had destroyed me. 

"Can I come in? I think you need some company." He said after seeing that I wasn't going to answer his previous question. 

"Yes. Come in." I stepped aside to make some space for him.

He sat on the bed where I was sitting earlier. I sat next to him forgetting to close the door. I felt so comfortable around him no matter what.

"Now, tell me. Why were you crying? Did something happen that involves Liam?" James asked taking me in his arms to comfort me

"Yes, it involves Liam." I said. I didn't want to talk about it with James but I couldn't do otherwise. He would find out sooner or later and I wanted him to hear it from me.

"Of course it does." He mumbled. "Did you fight again?" He asked louder.

"Not exactly. It's just that.." I couldn't complete my sentence. I couldn't do that to James.

"You can say it, Kathie. I am still your friend." He reassured me. 

"I have feelings for Liam, James. But he made it clear that he couldn't care any less. He hates me, James. Why? What have I done to him?" I was trying not to cry again.

"Don't say that, Kathie. Don't jump to conclusions." James was being so nice that he was making it even worse for me. I was feeling guilty and empty at the same time. 

"James, I'm telling you that he hates me. He doesn't care. It's the first time I feel like this for someone." As the last few words came out, I wanted to put them back in. I was slapping myself mentally for being such a bitch to James.

During the time that I was with James, the others had come home and were sitting in the living room.

I stood up and smiled at James as he stood up, too. We went back down to the living room with the others. I looked around the place and noticed that Liam wasn't there. Great. Now, we were going to avoid each other. Maybe it was a good idea because I could maybe get over him. 

I sat on a chair, a bit far from the others. I wanted my space because everyone reminded me of him.

I was listening to them talk about the possible ways that we could find Alisa and save her but I couldn't understand what they were saying. I was so lost in my world. I was lost.

I stood up and went in the kitchen. I needed some water. I knew it wasn't going to help me but I needed to be left alone for a few moments. I grabbed a glass from the cupboard and filled it with water. As I was about to lift the glass to my mouth, I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around to see who that hand belonged to...

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