Lynnett's POV

"Hey Espinosa how's gettin' your ass whopped by a girl in COD?" I said while record Matt."You better not post that on vine Lynn!" he yelled I was confused,"What's vine and I didn't get an answer?" He slapped his face kinda hard," Ow!...Oh and vine is when you post six second videos and people like comment and re-vine" I smirked,"Even better!" His eyes widened,"Oh shit! Please Lynn no c'mon Lynn Bin."He said while smirking."Do you have a vine?" "No" he answer a little too quickly."Oh Imma get one."I went to the app store and searched vine then downloaded it. I made vine and searched 'Matthew Espinosa'. I knew he was lying(haha ya lyin' okay). I uploaded the video tagging him and I got some likes. Then Matt's phone dinged saying he got a notification I just smirked."Lynn...why did you post that video!" Matt was beyond pissed. I was just looking at his vines when I noticed how many followers. Oh shit! no wonder he didn't want me to post it he has 500k followers."Matt?" he just ignored me,"Matt I'm sorry."Still no response I just left the house and went out for a walk. My phone rang 5-6 times knowing it was Matt. He wants to play the silent treatment fine let the games begin. I was a block away when I saw a boy playing the guitar and singing. He was singing Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Ray. I love Lana Del Ray me being me I went closer and boy was he cute and his voice too. He finished and I applauded. He turned to me and smiled oh shit I probably seem like a stalker. "H-hi" why did I have to studder."Hey, I'm Shawn"I love his voice... no you like Matt."I'm Lynnett...that was beautiful, I love Lana Del Ray!"I barely know him and I already like him."Thanks I like Lana too,"he smiled."Did you just move here I haven't seen you around here?" "Actually moved back here." "Oh cool I was gonna ask to show you around but nevermind." I laughed,"It's okay we can still hang out."why did you say that Lynnett."Cool can I just get ready real quick," I thought he was fine,"Yea sure." "Do wanna come inside?" "Sure" "Nice house!" "Thanks. Just wait here while I get ready." "Okay!" I saw a girl that looked about eleven and she widened her eyes,"OOO SHAWN HAS A GIRLFRIEND!" I shook my head and said,"No I'm just-"I was cut off by his mom and dad,"Hello I'm Mrs.Mendes but you can call me mom!" I shook her hand and said,"Hi, I'm Lynnett-" then I was cut off... again."Hey Lynnett let's go." "Sweetie why didn't you tell me you had a girlfriend?" "Mom! I just met the girl." "Oh sorry" "Bye Mrs.Mendes"I said while we walked out the door."Sorry about that, family just assumes when I bring a girl over they're my girlfriend" "Oh don't need to apologize it was quite entertaining"we both laughed,"So where are we headin' off to?"I was about answer when I heard Matt,"Lynnett!" "Great"I murmured."Lynn I was worried about you-" he walked by me by me protectively."Who are you?" he said to Shawn rather harshly."I'm Shawn." "Matt can you just leave I ignored you for a reason." "Sorry I just felt bad" "Shawn can you leave for a second please" "Yea sure" he smiled. "Matt go I'll talk to you later" "No!" "Don't you see I'm busy." I said referring to Shawn."Fine go fuck lover boy you whore!" He walked away I just froze. Does he really think that. I feel like my heart shattered to pieces. I sat on the floor and cried."Hey what happened!" He put me in his embace."Shh it's okay what did he say." Should I tell him. I mean he seems like a nice guy. I told him what happened he he didn't seem shocked."I mean I would be jealous if I had a beautiful girlfriend like you, but he still shouldn't have said that."I just laughed he looked confused."Matt's not my boyfriend I haven't had one, nobody finds me attractive." "Don't say that your beautiful don't anyone tell you different... and I don't get why he said that," no one told me that not even Matt."Thanks and I don't know either," "And by the way most whores flirt, show a lot of skin, and ask for sex and you didn't so point proven you're not one." I looked into his brown eyes next thing you know he kissed me."Sorry" "No it's fine I'm glad you were my first kiss." "Oh well since you don't have a boyfriend I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date?" "Shawn, not that I don't want to I haven't really experience this so can you give me some time?" "Yea I kinda getting late want me to walk you home?" "Yea,"I like this boy.We got to Matt's house and knocked.Greated by Matt and slammed the door."I thought you weren't dating?" "We're not he's my best friend and my mom and his mom are best friends and since I really don't have a dad we live with them." I sighed,"Oh sorry I didn't know." I smile and said,"It's all good well bye Shawn." "Wait can I have your nunber?" we exchanged numbers and goobyes and I went inside."Lynnett is i true what Matt said?"my mom asked."What did Matt say?" "That you were doing silly business with a Shane kid?" "Wow! Mom first I would never disrespect myself like that, second why do you trust Matt and not your own daughter, and three his name is Shawn and he comforted me after my so called best friend called me a whore so if you're asking, no and I thought we had a connection but I guess you don't trust me!"God I can't believe Matt! I just went to sleep angry because my mom and Matt and happy because of Shawn.

Author's Note:

Hey thanks for reading ily baii!! Stay strong beautiful!!

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