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It's Monday morning and I'm at the mall with my mom shopping for clothes.

"So what about this top?" my mom asked holding out a coral top with some ruffles around the sleeves

"No it looks too plain"

"What about this one?" this time it was a mint top with white stripes

"No I want something I don't know, stunning"

"Like what?"

"I was thinking a dress maybe, or a skirt and a cute top"

"Seems to me like you're way too into this"

"Well mom, I want something super cute because I will be interviewing them. I may also want to look stunning because mom Niall!" I squealed while clenching a random tank top.

"Well while you're over there I want you to remember that you still have a boyfriend back here. So I don't want any of that dtf going on over there" my mom said sternly

"Mom don't say that, like ever please" I said laughing

"Oh hush you're brother taught me that word. But how are things with Jonah?"

"They're great, he's just been...busy" I said shrugging

"When was the last time you guys went out?"

"Uh I dunno 2, 3 months ago"

"2 months! Holly!" my mom shrieked

"What mom. We're too busy to hang out sometimes. It's something that comes with doing this for a living" I huffed out storming away

"Yeah I guess you're right. Hell, you're going to England and we didn't even think twice about that" she called out

"Yeah, besides we talk on the phone all the time"

"That's good I guess" my mom said shrugging

"Oh my god mom look at this dress!" I screamed out holding out a short black dress, with sheer sleeves and lace.

"Wow honey that's gorgeous"

"I'm buying it, it's the last thing I wanted" I said walking over to the cashiers

"Hi did you find everything alright?" The cashier Anne asked

"Everything was splendid" I cheered

"Seems like you found something that you liked" Anne said smiling

"Yes this dress" I said pointing it out

"Oh wow that is the most perfect lbd I've ever seen" Anne said

"Lbd?" my mom asked

"Little black dress mom. I can't believe you don't know what an lbd is, but yet you know dtf"

"Well in my defense I doubt Brody knows anything about dresses" she said laughing


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