Luke pov 

I was just waiting out side jess's house till she got to the door when she did come she was shorts and a sweater but it was february  and like 30 out side but she did look cute in it .she steared for alittle and then let me in and disided to study in her room . it was all go till she started wo walk faster and i grabed her write but i accidently pulled up the arm of her sweater and sour the fresh scars on her wrists .i was shocked ,did i push her that far to do this  like we did it as a jock so that bella would leave us alone but this is not cool that jess is getting hurt . Befor i could do anything sh had ran staght to the barthroom and i could only imagen what was going on in her head so i just run after her hopeing that i get there befor she does something stupid. i ran after her but she got to door before me and locked it .

"Jess please dont do what i think you are going to do "

"why do you cear all you have done is make my life is hell and this is better for everyone any way "

" i not better it is worse ,think of all the people like your family ,your friends and this sound wieard but also me "

i could hear th door being un locked ,i quickly open the do to see her sitting on the edge of the bath tube .i neal down infront of her and see that she did  do more on her arms . i started to clean her arms up she did look abit suprised but no one has to go throught this .after i they where cleaned and bandeged up ou slowly walked to the lounge room and just sat there thinking about what had just happened .

"thank you for that "

"no need ,no one as beautiful as you has to go through something like that "

"you think that i am beautiful ?"

"yeah babe ever sence the first day i thought that you were amazing " fuck did i just say that shit 

"sorry i was not suppose to say thaa...." i was cut off by her soft lips on mine ,yeah at first it felt weard but then i just started to kiss them more they were amazing and addicting .

Jess's pov 

"no need  no one as beautiful as you has to go through something like that " omg he think that i am beautiful

"you think that i am beautiful?"

"yeah babe ever sence the first day i thought that you were amazing "  fuck he likes me alot and he called me babe no one has ever said something as nice as this to me ever  .i just want to  kiss him and show him that i fell the same but what if he dosent like it  fuke it i am going to do it .

"sorry i was not suppose to say thaa...." i jumped on to his lap and started to kiss him ,at first he seemed shocked but then he started to kiss me back .they where so soft and amazing ,he licked my bottom lip and i had no hesitation in lettting him in .thing started to get heatedbut we were both short of breath and pulled apart for just a moment to catch are breath .

"will you go out with me ?" what did he just ask me out on a date  what do i do 

"yes "

"thats good "

"why "

"because i dont think i can stop doing things like this with you  and i want every one to see that you are mine "

omg this is the best night ever i ope that i can have so man more like these .


hi guys i really hope that you liked it i though that it was cool and i know that it is crappy writing but it is going to get better trust me .........maybe  

see ya 

x alex 

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