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Do you miss the light that sorrounds you day and night?
How about your mother who always says goodnight?

Do you want to return to your childhood life?
When everything seems the way you like.

Do you ever dream of escaping the darkness?
Or for everyone to cope up to your stubborness?

Do you ever find yourself trap in a tiny box?
Saying things like how your life sucks?

Do you ever believe on the brighter future?
When all you can think is how life is a torture?

Do you think acting like that would make you any better?
Acting like that won't keep you together.

So don't you ever speak of lies.
When all you have to do is give a little bit of sacrifice.

So don't you ever say that it's hard to win.
Because in life, it's only just the beginning.

By: Thea Corrine Gliponeo

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