Chapter 2: Getting Business Started

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As I ran up the spiral staircase in the studio, I thought to myself, "Be professional."

Once I step foot on the rooftop, I was introduced to Hayes and Nash

"Hey guys so my little sister, Lisa, is going to be assisting me on this photoshoot. Don't worry she's not a fan" Bryant explained.

I was not a fan of Nash and his other friends or whatever. Yeah I thought they were attractive and down to earth with their fans and all, but not my type.

"Hey, I'm Nash and this is my super dorky brother, Hayes" Nash said as he showed off his pearly whites.

"Hey I'm Hayes and Nash is my super geeky older brother" Hayes retorted.

They both had beautiful eyes. Still once again, I'm not "falling in love" with either of them.

"Well I'm Lisa, the photographer's nerdy little sister" I said as I shook both of their hands.

It started off as Bryant took photos of Hayes, while I was stuck with Nash.

I'm awkward and shy. He's the total opposite, or so I believed.

We literally stood there in silence. Didn't he learn how to be social in public, considering how many events and meetings he has to attend?

All Nash did was retreat in a little tiny corner and go on his phone. Ugh teenage boys.

After 20 miserable and dreadful minutes it was my turn to take pictures of Hayes.

Hayes was a social butterfly. He had a great personality for a kid his age.

The moment I started taking pictures, he popped out a hilarious joke.

He made it easier to talk to him. Unlike Nash, his brother whose closer to my age!!

Hayes made the 30 minutes I was assigned, fly by like it was a blink of an eye.

"I like that you're different, Lisa" Hayes said as he posed for another photo.

Please tell he isn't flirting with me. He's 14, I'm 17. He's in middle school and I'm a senior!

"Not that I'm trying to flirt with you... Trust me, you're heavily friendzoned considering you're older than me" Hayes assured me.

"Good, because you're a pretty cool kid and I don't wanna break your heart" I joked.

"Yeah because I was sooo gonna ask you out" He replied sarcastically.

"Eww. Gross boys have cooties" I said dramatically

"I need girl advice and "woo-ing" lessons!" Hayes confessed, "Give me your number and I'll text you whenever I need help! You're way out of my league so don't take it the wrong way."

We exchanged numbers like it was nothing.

After the 30 minutes were up, Hayes and I continued our conversation about Awkward Moments until it was time for me to take pictures of the antisocial Nash.

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