Chapter 63...

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My horrible imagination hasn't stopped, it's been another three weeks dealing with this along with carrying a child. Everyone in the house now knows never to leave me alone knowing that's mostly what causes the illusions.

Harry however wouldn't leave me alone anyway, he's following me around as if I'm needed on a lead. He even watches while I sleep, I know because I can feel his eyes on me every move I made while sleeping he would flinch his eyes carefully watching my every move.

I just wanted to know what is going through his mind, what's he thinking. If vampires do think?

Was he thinking about the little growing baby still growing inside me, so slowly but yet so small and content. Not knowing anything about the world surrounding it. She or he wouldn't know about vampires and the other dangers in the world. The baby is safe inside me and yet Harry doesn't see that.

Harry sees me as a threat to my own baby, I would never hurt it. I would never want the baby to live in a world filled with such sadness. Once the world changes I will to.

" This is bullshit, can I have five minutes please. I'll be outside and safe." I spit turning to find both Harry and Niall behind me, Niall's eyes widen as he looks at me shocked. I haven't spoken like this in a while and didn't want to. Everything was just becoming to much.

" God what the hell do you think I'm going to do to myself in five minutes." I continue when neither of them say anything.

How am I meant to set the baby free when there on my back twenty four seven. I've been guarding my thoughts making sure they would have no idea of what I'm thinking. I know they don't want me to set the baby free but I do. This isn't for myself it's for the baby, I'm doing everything for her or him.

I was thinking of getting to an abortion clinic and let them do it professionally, but it's to risky so I'm ending up having to do it myself.

" That's what I don't want to find out." Harry's face turns to a frown glancing down to my stomach then to me.

" I couldn't do anything even if I wanted." I turn my back walking out the door. And to my surprise neither of the boys follow, but I can feel there eyes on my back as I walk further out into the sun.

I sigh happily finally having some time alone to myself, I sit down on the warm grass and lay back. My hands softly touch my stomach on top of the material of my dress.


" Darling could you grab mummy's bag for me baby." I smile to myself hearing the beautiful ring to my mothers voice. She wasn't always the bitch she gradually grew into, I remember her being such a loving and careful mother. I missed that, and I slowly grew apart from her.

I see myself as a little child below the age of 6. I watch from afar as my small arms grasp around my mothers purse that was way to big for my small body to handle.

I know I couldn't be seen as my mother walks straight past me to my younger self, this hallucination was much different from my last. I'm usually the one there talking to and to be on another side of this, just doesn't feel real.

My eyes widen a surprised gasp leaving my lips to find she were pregnant. I don't remember her ever carrying a child while I was alive. Then again my father had erased my memories more then once.

I watch as my mother hunches over, her face contorting into a pained expression. A soft whimper leaves her lips while my younger self watches.

" What are you doing there, go get daddy." She again whimpers hunching over to kneel herself on the ground. I watch as my little self stays put watching over my mother. No expression leaving my face.

" He won't live mama." My eyes widen at my own words, I watch as she places her small hand over my mothers large growing belly.

" His heartbeat is fading mummy." My mothers eyes widen as she grasps onto the ground frantically heaving, and that's when my father enters the room roughly shoving my small body away sending me across the room.

I was used to the abuse of my father back then, and during when I met Harry only to have it erased and have to love my father not knowing what he had done.

I'm quick to my others side taking her hand softly. My breathing stops saddening when she smiles back at me, her small arms wrapping around me.

" I wish you were my mother." I didn't understand what she was speaking, I mean I was her I couldn't be her mother. I couldn't be my own mother. Her brown eyes stair into my own desperately wanting to tell me something.

" I can't be a mother." I whisper finally understanding. She knows I'm pregnant. How would she know that my mothers unborn baby would die?

" Yes you can, if you don't you'll only send the loved ones surrounding you to death." She takes a deep breath before continuing.

" Their all connected to that baby, if you kill it. You kill them." She finishes only making me more and more confused. Was that why Harry and the boys were following me around all day every day. Because they were scared I would kill them. How is that even possible.

" That baby was evil." She looks toward my mother who was still shrieking in pain on the floor, the colour of the blood now painting the floor. Then she turns back to me resting a hand on the smallest bump of my belly.

" But this is pure. Completely innocent." She softly smiles a few teeth of hers were missing as she does so.

" How?" I couldn't speak, the words wouldn't form into sentences but when she speaks I know she knows what I was going to say.

" We have a gift. From our grandmama, you'll find out soon enough." Her eyes flicker over my belly again.

" But for now Harry needs you. He needs both of you." Her eyes then change to black and it turns to complete pitch black.


It's quite short for a chapter but that's just where it kinda ends :) hope you guys like the update I'm not to sure when I'll be posting next though. :) xxx please comment.

Also if you're wondering if this baby of Liam it isn't. Liam is way older then her I'm getting to the story of Liam later on in the story. :) xxx

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