My Morning Dew

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In this world there is magic, little magic, but magic. The people just don't know how to use it, most of them anyways. Only one does. And he has the power (dark power) to influence people to do anything. That's what happens to Leo.

Kallie (pronounced like Callie) is 17 and Leo has just turned 19. Kallie has dark sandy blonde hair, darker blue eyes, and faint freckles. She usually wears her hair in a loose braid or down. Leo has light blue eyes and brown, shaggy-ish hair.

Author's Note: When words are in italics it is the person's thoughts.

This is my first ever story on here and I hope you like it, even though it is a little weird. Feedback would be great!

Kallie's POV

I was walking through the halls of our old school, this was an interesting reunion, an elementary school reunion to be exact. Our district is weird. It was kinda dark and dirtier than I remembered, smaller too. The few people that came were just milling about like zombies, eating the cookies laid out on the tables.

Then I heard it, a faint yelling noise coming closer and closer. It sounded like a battle call. Then I saw Leo running down the hallway . . . with a knife! What is he doing with a knife!? He runs up to the closest person to him and stabs them. They fall to the ground dead. Now I am majorly panicking. He stabs another. I run up to him and put my hands up to him to try to stop him. What am I thinking!?

"Leo! Stop!" I plead, sobbing. He used to be my best friend and I didn't understand what was going on.

He pauses for a moment and I catch a glimpse of his blue eyes, which are somehow tinged with red. Then he thrusts the knife into me and I feel searing pain in the left side of my waist. He jerks it out. I can barely breathe and it hurts so bad.

Leo's POV

How did she know my name? She does look sortof familiar . . . It doesn't matter. I shake it off and stab her in her tiny waist. But she is still standing with her hands on my shoulders. How? She should be dead.

"But . . ." she starts.

Kallie's POV

" . . . I love you." Did I really say that out loud? He freezes and I can see, through my blurry vision, his eyes are back to their beautiful crystal blue color.

Leo's POV

Love? . . . As in she still loves me? Even though I just - oh my gosh I just stabbed her! I freeze and drop the knife. I now only have a hazy memory of everything up until this moment. Oh my gosh, she's dying, I realize.

Meanwhile people are screaming and running out of the building.

"I'm so sorry," I whisper and only she can hear. I put my left hand on her upper back . . .

Kallie's POV

. . . and the other around my waist, where the cut is. He pulls me in close to him and I stumble to keep my balance, wrapping my arms around his neck for more stability. We stand like this for a moment. Like dancing.

Leo's POV

As I look down at her I can see the life quickly fading from her deep ocean eyes. But still she's almost smiling; and she looks so peaceful too. I kindof try to smile back, but it's a sad smile.

Kallie's POV

And just before the darkness consumes me, a tear drops from his face onto mine. And everything goes black, even sound is nothing to me now.

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