The video released of me leaving just 2 days after.  I felt bad, but I'm not going no where.  

I ended looked at my old phone and looked at my Instagram account once again.  

"Prodigy."  Keisha said and I smiled lightly handing her the phone.  



4 weeks later.

I've fully transformed into the person I'm going to be.  My face is totally feminine features, my body 'bang bang bang' on each level, my hair now to the bottom of my back, my voice fully developed.  No more Prodigy, no more Craig.  Nah.  I'm actually happier with who I am now.

"You nervous?"  The guys asked as we all were doing our hair.  

We are having a Meet & Greet that will be recorded.  It's for the 'new' band member.  

"Sorta.."  I muttered and then posed.  "How do I look?  Too much?"  I asked and they shook their hands.  "You look good."  They said, now used to seeing me like this.  (He just doesn't have on the vest or the necklace) 

"Ight see y'all out there."  I smiled and hugged them.




"Mindless Behavior!" Kenneth yelled and we all jogged out and stood and waved.  Girls all over, standing in line.  You know the usual.  

We all sat.  

"Now you all might know.  Sadly a few weeks ago the talented Prodigy dropped out, quit the group.  We give him our best wishes and hope whatever he does he thrives in with success."  Kenneth said and the fans made some noise but quieted down.  "We have a new member though.  It's alittle different too.  Not many of you thought of it, but we did.  Meet our new member Candy!" Kenneth announced and out came Candy aka Prodigy.  

The fans went ballistic, with joy and with envy and anger.  Candy sat right by me and Ray, Roc beside me.  Candy stood back up and waved smiling nicely, very pretty smile.  Candy took the mic,"Hi all you Team Mindless fans.  Do you guys like me?"  Candy asked and the fans rooared with approval,"Good because you got a girlfriend back there nit-picking about what she gone wear. I know all over y'all can relate.  Anyways...y'all ready?!" Candy shouted and the fans screamed and shouted.  Candy handed the mic back,"Fan right here got a good question.  She asked, How did you get the name Candy?"  Kenneth asked.

"So I met up with the boys and we all started pondering.  And Ray was like Sweet? Prince was like Cute?  Roc was like Candy. But he wasn't thinking of a stage name, no he was thinking about ACTUAL candy."  Candy said making everyone laugh.  "But it fit so well.  Candy is chewy and sweet and everyone loves it and I'm cute and sweet and about everyone loves me so that's how I got Candy."  

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