Crevania Chapter Twenty "final chapter"

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Chapter Twenty

Now the time came. Fredrick was already sitting in the middle of the empty room. Weird spirits are starting to surround him and it was freaking me out. Angelica seemed composed and she didn’t fear it. She was emotionless, just like what she used to be. I grabbed her hand to get something, anything from her.

“My greatest fear just came true.” She mumbled as she pulled out her hand from mine. “You of all people should know better.”

After she woke up she was like this. There was nothing that I could see on her face but full sorrow. She’s been this way before but she always trying to smile. I remember her killing Melody when she made Angelica all the things she was scared of.

I wanted to leave but then a light appeared in front of is. It was an apparition of a spirit and when it stopped glowing, it took Tyler’s shape.

“T-Tyler, is that really you?” I mumbled.

“Hi uncle, hi mom,” He smiled. I felt like I was sinking to where I stood right now. I didn’t want to cry but I did. I cried and fell down on my knees. “I’m sorry Tyler.”

“Tyler,” Angel spoke tunelessly.

“Hey mom, I’m glad to see you.” Tyler giggled and that look on his face made me cry even more. I’m supposed to be the on e supporting Angelica right now.

“I’m not freaking out. That’s a good sign right?” Angelica smiled a smile that didn’t even reach her eyes. “I won’t let anyone die in front of me anymore. I won’t try to take away my life. I will fight to avenge you my dearest. I won’t cry anymore. I’ll get stronger to protect Crevania.”

“Mom, I’m happy right now. I hope you are as well.” He reached out his hand but Angelica didn’t hold it.

“I’m sorry Tyler if I want to forget about you. I want to let you go.” Her voice was stern and I wanted to push her right now to make her stop what she was saying.

“It’s what I want you to do. Let me go mom, and be happy. Stop living your life just because I’m gone. You still have a bright future ahead of you.” I wanted to speak but I couldn’t. “Hey uncle, take good care of mommy alright?” I just nodded.

“I’m sorry Tyler. I wasn’t strong enough to protect you. I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you.” I finally managed to speak.

“You probably feel that way. Can you possibly stop my father? He’s drinking his heart out and taking too much medication. If he isn’t stopped he’d commit suicide.” Tyler sounded very upset. “He’s in Monte Vista right now.”

“I’d find him, don’t worry.” I promised.

“Mom, don’t forget that you’re destined for greatness. Always remember that if you really love me, you’ll smile for me every day.” That’s the last thing he said before he vanished.

“Thank you Prince Fredrick.” Angelica bowed a soldier’s bow just like how she was when she first arrived at Corona. She has returned to the way she was before.

“That’s it?” He muttered.

“What more is there to do? I already talked to my son. I give you my utmost gratitude for what you had given me.” She left us, just like that.

And so the day of the conference has arrived. The lights were too bright and we were sitting behind a rectangular table with microphone for each of us. I wasn’t nervous but I felt bothered as I look at Angelica. She was sitting up straight and she looked like a robot. She was emotionless and stiff.

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