I didn't see Kat for the rest of the day. I think I replayed her laugh in my head about a thousand times. The non-date, I think that's what I'll call it now, was perfect. Just, why were my eyes stuck to the waitress? Why did I have to keep screwing up when I'm pretty sure the best thing that's ever happened to me was sitting right across the table.

But the guy who hooked up with too many girls last year isn't me anymore. I don't want to be like that, and I know I'm not. I think Kat probably does.

I vowed to myself that the next time I got involved with a girl it would be serious, and I knew it was important to keep that promise with myself. I want something special, something that I could enjoy for the long run, and not hookups at every party.

When the final bell rings, I text Jay to come over later and head to the parking lot. I see Kat talking to a girl with dark brown hair.

I recognize the girl as Tammy Snow, a girl from the senior class but one I've never had an eye for.

When I get into my car I see my camera laying there and picked it up. I go to recent viewed pictures and pull up the one of Kat.

I can't help but smile at her tiny grin and shining eyes. I've never seen anyone so beautiful.

I put the camera away, turn up the radio, and drive home. I pull into the round driveway and sigh.

My house isn't the sort of house you can just walts into and flop on the couch.

My mom is an interior designer and almost every surface of my house is either glass, marble, or just extremely fucking expensive.

My room is the only thing that looks normal, and doesn't look like it could be on TV. Blue walls, brown wood floors. Simple. Sufficient. 

I plop down on my bed, lay on my back and fall asleep.


At seven Jay comes over. "So, what's up with that new girl I saw you talking to?" He looks at me with his head cocked to the side.

"Her name is Kat and she moved here from California,"

He grins, eyes open wide. "Oooh Dereks got a California gurrllll," He breaks into a giggle.

Yes. Jay actually, literally, absolutely giggles. He stop abruptly once he sees my arched brow and tightly closed lips.

Jay and I have the usual bromance that is in every book and TV show. We go by the rules of guy code, and we tell each other everything that could seem sort of important.

Both our families have lived in Pinehurst since we can remember and we like it that way.

Jay stays for a few hours, we play video games and procrastinate doing our homework. At eleven I head to bed, ready to face another day of school, homework... and Kat.

Hope you enjoy. Stay tuned.



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