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We continued on the road which I remembered as a shortcut to terace hill, after a few more minutes of a quite awkward silence we arrived at terace hill.

He said to go outside quick and then he led me to one of the sides of the hill which is not visible from the road and then I saw the hole that was much larger than I imagined so now I'm amazed that nobody has noticed it.

So we went in the hole and I couldn't believe my eyes, it was the bones of a Tyrannosaurus laying on the ground right in front of me!

It appeared to be shining but then I looked at what I thought was the holy grail but it was the holy grail a million-fold!

It wasn't the bones that where shining, it was something in the bones, those things were weapons!

They were weapons like spears or swords or shields.

That was what he saw I thought to myself, I said in a voice that was in between whispering and shouting "We could be billionaires!!!".

then John said "Robert, I think we should keep this to ourselves for a while"

Then I was confused, I asked him "Why? We could be rich and famous right now!".

"We need to know what we're up against, we need to ask someone if this stuff is even real"

"Of course it's real, but I agree, we should wait a while"

"And, we need to ask a certain someone to help us find out about this stuff".

I knew what he was saying, I knew that he was talking about my sister, Anna, she is a professor in a college in Silverlake who teaches about artifacts and I knew that we needed her help.

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