The Market

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Clara was a slave. Her parents died when she was 16, so she lived her life as a slave for the Timelords and Timeladies of Gallifrey. Today however, her master wanted to sell her and a few other slaves. She was pushed up unto the stage by her master.

"Do I hear 1,000 credits?" Her master called and a few raised their hands, the usual evil grin on their faces.

"5,000!" A man in a dark blue sweatshirt called out and Clara's master's eyes glinted with greed.

"5,000 going once, going twice, sold to the man wearing a dark blue sweatshirt!" The man walked up to the stage, gave Clara's master his money. He helped her up to his horse-drawn carriage, closed the door and told the slave in front that they were going home. Clara looked at her worn out shoes to try and avoid all contact with her new master. She was afraid, it told the Doctor, her new master.

"Hi." He tried contact with his new slave, who was indeed pretty.

"Hi." She hid her face with her long brunette curls.

"What's your name?" The Doctor liked her, as he liked all his slaves. He never treated them with hatred or force.

"Prisoner 273824," she replied, in a monotone voice. He shook his head at her statement and she instantly braced for a slap. However, there was no slap, but a hand going to her chin. He brought her face up to his, careful not to scare her.

"I mean your real name." He gave her a smile and she looked at him, confused with two things. One, he hasn't hurt her yet and he asked for her real name. Nobody ever asked that.

"Clara. Clara Oswald." She gave him a smile and hoped he didn't slap him. He was indeed cute to her standards; his floppy hair and green eyes.

"Well Clara, before I can let you in my home, I need it to be clear. When you are in my household, expect no harm upon you. My household never lets ANY slave to get hurt." She nodded, half surprised by his change of tone and half awed by his sense of authority.

"And another thing, don't call me master. Call me sir or The Doctor." He smiled and let go of her chin. As he did so, they had reached the mansion. He helped her out and was instantly greeted by his other slaves, Jenny Flint and Vastra. Vastra wasn't really his slave, more on the side of personal advisor.

"Welcome back Doctor." Jenny chirped and the Doctor nodded.

"Shall we help the new miss?" Vastra asked.

"Get her new clothes and get Martha to see her." The Doctor replied and left them to it.

"I'm Jenny and this is Vastra. We'll get you some new clothes then you'll see Martha." Jenny addressed Clara and she nodded once more.

"Let's get to it." Vastra helped Clara up the steps to the mansion as Jenny talked on about her daily duties. Clara, being the precarious one, took a mental note.


Soo I wrote this before, but now I decided to post it here.. Enjoy. :)

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