Chapter 8

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I was sitting on the couch all alone in my house staring at the wall. I realized something. We'll remembered something. Tomorrow is my birthday. I decided not to tell anyone except family knew because I didn't want a big fuss about it.

I walked up to my room and decided to call Harry.

H; hello

M; hey babe wanna go shopping

H; I I'm I uh can't I have a thing

M; what thing

H; it's um a workout thing

M; um okay I'll text you later

H; bye love you

M; yeah yeah bye love you

I hung up a bit confused. I would just have to get It out of him later.

I decided to go out today and just hangout by myself. I could really Just be alone for once honestly. I need a break once in a while. suddenly it was chilly In London and I was confused because it's only august almost september.

I left my hair down in its wavy beach curls and didn't really do my make up, just some mascara and lip gloss. I put on my black leggings and a oversized maroon sweater. I put on my black beanie and my maroon toms. I grabbed my purse and phone and went downstairs. I grabbed my car keys and got in my car.

I plugged in my phone to my car speakers and played rather be by clean bandit. My phone beeped and I saw I had a text from Harry.

'Hey who's your fav artist'

'Beyoncé why'

'Just wondering:)'

'Ur weird'

I put my phone down and continued driving. Once I reached Starbucks I pulled into a parking spot. thankfully there were no paps. Once I walk in the sweet aroma of mocha fills my nose.

"Hey how may I help you" the lady asks.

"I'll have a grande coffee please with a lemon poppy seed loaf" I order.

"Yep, and your name please" she asks.

"Maisy" I answer and move to the end to get my order.

I sit down at a table and just look out the window and eat my loaf and drink my coffee. I was distracted from my thoughts because someone was tapping my shoulder.

"Hi I'm so sorry to bother you but I just love you so much and I was wondering if I could get a picture" the 14 year old looking girl asked.

"Of coarse darling" I say with a smile taking a picture. "what's your twitter"

"@stylesfanatic103 and thank you this just made my life and again sorry for bothering you" she says.

"It's fine, are you here by yourself" I ask.

"My boyfriend was supposed to meet me but he blew me off" she said looking sad.

"Why don't you join me" I ask.

"Really" she says.

"Yeah why not" I say. "so your boyfriend didn't come"

"Nope and I thought things were going great" she tells me.

"We'll boys are stupid. I mean I don't understand why they do that they think it makes them cool but they aren't" I tell her.

"Are you and Harry dating" she asks. I smile.

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