Chapter 8

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Location: Gotham city park

I sat lazily on the bench as I watched the battle infront of me. Me, sunburnt and tornado had a mission. If any of the justice league or young justice make it through then we kill them off. Simple.

Any day now, I mean god! What sucky heroes!!!

"Im soooooo bored" I whined

"Yeah, I mean wow! What sucky heroes can't save the day?" Joked tornado.

"Oh we can"

What the?!!!!

They broke through the defence. I simply swished my hand and aqualad was frozen solid. Then miss Martian stepped through I tried to fight but I couldn't even stay standing. I nodded to sunburnt as I slowly fell. Sunburnt knew what to do. Tornado came to my side. I knew something was wrong. I could tell robin was itching to be next to me but he couldn't, he knew it. That's when I noticed I was paralysed. Not for long though. As miss Martian leapt from the fire I was freed and I shot at her. The ice pierced her skin in her arm. I I stood and laughed

"Ha! You think a little Martian could stop us?" I sneered. Robin lunged but I simply stepped aside. Then all hell broke loose. Everyone around us was fighting.

"Why rach?" He Shouted

"It's frostbite and because I want too" I snapped

"Please Rachel, please" he begged.

What a pathetic looser! Oh my god, he deserves what he's getting!!

I laughed

"Hell no!!!!! This is my life! This is what I want to do!!" I spat drawing ice out of my finger tips and sending swirling up. "Bet you weren't expecting snowstorms quite this strong!!!" I shouted at him.

We continued to battle as the snow fell softly down. Sunburnt glances at me as I looked I noticed an arrow in her stomach. I rushed to her side. I pulled her head onto my lap.

"Hold on sun, desaad will fix you up" I whispered. That when I noticed the hope in her eyes fade. Tornado sat next to me.

"She let go" I muttered. I cried out s the pain washed over me. Shivering in fury I wiped away my tears and stared at the culprit, Artemis. I sent ice flying towards her heart Butkus flash got his arm on the way. Savage wandered over "calm down girls" he ordered "sunburnt will decay soon enough". I could feel the ice crawl up my finger tips. "Code red" I yelled. Everybody ducked. Even the Heroes ducked. It was like an explosion. It just flooded out of me like a river. I only caught savage in the blast. But my energy was drained, I couldn't stand. As I slumped to the floor I whispered "I'll join you soon sun"

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