Gwen's pov

"I'm proud of you" I smiled at Derek, who had developed this permanent scowl on his face lately. He couldn't wait to get out of his cap and gown, but his mom insisted on more photos, I don't blame her, your son only graduates from high school once.

"Thanks" he said messing with the cap.

"Stop" I sighed pulling his hands away from his cap "its a good day"

"Sure" he shrugged, then looked down at me giving me an apologetic smile as he pulled me in his arms "I'm sorry, I just want to go home and spend the rest of the summer with you and only you"

"Well you can hold out for another five minutes" I said adjusting his gown. "Derek!" Cora yelled while she was running, the best she could in heels, towards us. "What?" he asked.

"Go!" she gasped "wow that's a long run actually," she said breathing heavily with her hands on her knees "moms busy with the dean"

"Great" Derek smiled slightly "see ya in a few days, Cora"

"Bye" she waved standing up as she held her stomach "I'll be there Tuesday for sure!"

"Love you" he kissed Cora on the cheek before grabbing my hand and dragging me along as he ran towards his car. Throwing the cap and gown in the back seat, Derek started the car and drove us to the cabin outside of town, in which the pack would be staying the whole summer until those of us who hadn't just graduated would have to return to reality and head on back to school. Which was everyone but Derek.


"Whoops sorry guys, same sex rooms" Stiles teased as Derek and I started unpacking our clothes in the bedroom across the hall from Scott and Allison. "Stiles don't make me punch you" Derek said without looking up from his suit case.

"I was kidding" Stiles put his hands up in surrender and he stepped out of our room. "Why are you so grumpy?" I asked refolding my clothes and placing them in my dresser.

"I'm not" Derek said kicking his, now empty, suitcase into the closet. "Yes you are" I argued, grabbing some more hangers. "No Gwen, I'm not" he argued back.

"Whatever you say" I shrugged finishing up putting my clothes away. "Why couldn't we of done this tomorrow, I'm tired" he wined sprawling on the bed, that wasn't made yet. "Because it would of never been done" I sighed climbing on him and began kissing his neck. "Oh it would of" he laughed "where's the bedding?"

"Hallway closet" I said rolling off him since he didn't care to partake, like usual. "I'll be right back" he said getting up and walking out of the room, I heard a door open, some rummaging and then footsteps back to the room. Seeing Derek holding sheets, a comforter, pillows and pillow cases, I rolled back off the bed and helped him make the bed. "I'm sorry" he said again, as I put the cases on to the pillows while he dealt with the sheet. He had been apologizing a lot lately and it only made me more annoyed.

"Why?" I asked genuinely confused.

"I've been a dick lately" he shrugged as I put the pillows on as he unfolded the comforter.

"You've been stressed" I felt the need to defend him even when it was he who was talking down on himself. "But that's no excuse to be a dick to you" he said throwing one side of the blanket to me, and together we both finished making the bed.

"It's okay" I said crawling across the bed towards him. Still kneeling on the bed I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him gently on the lips "I forgive you"

"It's summer" he said with a smile "lets enjoy it"

"After we sleep" I said climbing off the bed and walking towards the hallway. "Where are you going?" he said to me as he pulled his shirt off. "To the kitchen, I'll be back" I said skipping down the stairs towards the kitchen, in which I found Malia looking through the fridge.

"Any food in there?" I asked ripping the sheets off the stools and island.

"Nope" she said holding it completely open "only water bottles"

"I'll make Derek take me to the store in the morning" I sighed, opening the cupboards, exposing the dusty plates, bowls and cups.

"How long has it been since you've been here?" Malia asked leaning against the counter. "Almost three years" I chuckled "there's a lot of cleaning needing to be done"


"Derek and I are going to the store to get food, so if you want anything particular write it down" I said as everyone woke up and we all met up in the living room "there's a lot of cleaning needing to be done"

"Obviously" Lydia said rubbing her tired eyes. "I don't want to sound like a mom but we need to clean this house" I laughed pulling my hair up in a pony tail. "Scott and I could take the kitchen" Allison smiled as Scott groaned and buried his face in her hair.

"I'll clean the bathroom" Lydia said.

"Malia and I could get the living room I guess" Stiles shrugged. "And when we get back, I'll make a really good brunch okay?" I smiled grabbing my bag and pulling Derek up from the couch.

"Get wine!" Lydia yelled after us as we made our way towards the car.

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