Authors' Note

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I would like to thank my friend @The_Bat_Fam (or @crossedwalks, which is her second account) for being the part of Alex in this story. She wrote everything in Midnight's P.O.V. and I everything in Red Jester's P.O.V.

She is an excellent writer and I'm glad we wrote this together.

Thank you to our readers for voting for us and reading this story. You rock guys!

Look Out For

"Fifty Shades of Betrayal"

Already out and posted on my profile.


"Alex Steel and Robin Grayne used to be the best of friends. Everyone on the Young Justice Team knew they were two peas in a pod and did everything together. Or so they thought.

Robin looses Alex's trust when she gets a little makeover. Everyone say goodbye to Red Mistress and hi to Red Jester.

Brainwashed by Slade, she thinks all of the team are going kill her including Alex and her boyfriend, Jason, well ex-boyfriend. She thought he left her for Alex on purpose, just because he wanted to hurt her.

Now all of Young Justice struggle with the lost of their teammate and with a new villian they must take down that is ruling the streets of Gotham; Red Jester."

Thanks again!

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