Chapter 10

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*Janessa POV*

FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK! I shouted! It was 2:45. 2 FUCKING 45! Nash would be at my house to pick me up at 3! I fell asleep for and hour. I instantly turned on my straightener and got out a matron skater-girl dress. I straightened my hair in 15 minutes and changed. I wiped off my mascara and re-applied it. I put on some eye liner and lip gloss. I was pleased with how I looked. I walked downstairs and put on nude colored high heels. I got a side bag and stuffed pajamas,toothbrush,hair brush,make-up,extra under cloths, Jeaned shorts and a '🙈' emoji crop top. Image sure to pack a swim suit just incase, and the-


I instantly zipped up my bag and headed down stairs. I put my stuff down and opened the door. I see Nash and I swear I almost died right there. He wore a grey suit with a blue tie. It brought out his bright blue eyes and his hair was how it normally was. I stood there eyeing Nash up and down. I snapped out of it after realizing I was standing there for more than a minute. I looked at Mash and smiled. He was still eyeing my outfit up and down before I interrupted.

"Hey Nash" I said rocking on my toes and heals looking down.

"Oh,h-hey Janessa. You look gorgeous like always." Nash said blushing.

"Thanks.. Not to bad yourself Nash. Shall we go?" I said grabbing my things.

Nash ran past me before I could grab my bags and smiled at me. He tooled at me and picked up my bags and started walking towards the car.

"Nash, I can help you" I said slightly laughing.

"You can... But it would be my pleasure." Nash smiled and winked at me.

"Okay... Sure whatever Nash just know that I love you for who you are okay?" I said walking up to him.

Nash kissed my cheek and "I JUST STOLE A KISS WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!" Spat out.

"Let's just go." I said laughing "it was a please having a kiss stolen from me by you." I finished and walked into the car.

Nash opened the door and walked in the drivers seat. He jammed the key in and backed out of

My drive way.

"So Nash. First of all Happy 4th of July" I smiled and continued " and where are we going this lovely day" I finally finished and rested my head on Nash's shoulder.

"That my dear is for me to know and for you to find out" he looked down at me and smiled.

We were on the road. There was a red light and Nash had me put on a blind fold before the light turned green. We were driving for about 20 minutes and just talked and listened to music. We both sang obnoxiously. I was laughing. it had been 15 minutes since Nash had put the blind fold on me. It was for chilly the further we drove.

"Are we there yet?" I took a deep breathe.

"Almost. I promise, or at least I think" Nash laughed. I heard it but couldn't see it.

"Alright okay." I said calmly.

"Yeet." Nash whispered to himself.

"What the hell was that?" I said moving my head to where Nash was.

"What..." Nash said chuckling.

"Ye- never mind just drive" I said giggling.

"Alrighty. Stay here I will be right back. I promise. Please don't look." Nash said nervously.

"Okay I promise." I said in a soft tone.

I heard Nash's footprints fade. I laid back in the chair and took a deep breathe. I asked myself where could we be? It was chilly but I could still feel the sun on my skin. We were in a parking lot judging by what I felt. Where the hell were we? I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard footprints walk towards the car. Backed away getting ready to punch.

"Okay Janessa open the door carefully." Said a familiar voice. It was definitely Nash.

"Umm. Okay. Remembering have heels okay." I said giving Nash caution.

I opened the door carefully and unbuckled my seat belt Nash instantly slid his hands under me and picked me up.

"NASH!" I said laughing holding on tight to Nash

"I love you. I love you so much. I love you." Nash whispered to me.

"I love you to." I said in a normal tone.

Nash put me down and held my hand. I felt him swing a door open. He released my hand and grabbed my lower back leading me into the building. I heard Nash whisper something to someone. I heard the voice say 'this way' faintly. Nash grabbed my hand and carefully led me to a table and sat me down carefully.

"Okay take it off!" Nash said excited.

I carefully took it off and blinked a couple times to clear my vision. My eyes started to water. It was beautiful. I mean ya sure it was this fancy restaurant but to me it was more. Nash and I were in a private dining area were it was only him and I. It was outside and had beautiful flowers everywhere. It had lights hung up kinda tumblr. There was a lite pond fully off fish and it had a water fall. I got up out my seat and walked towards it slowly. I looked around while standing next to the pond. There were ducks with there ducklings and I looked back at the table. I was blown away. There was a small table for 2 set up with candles and flowers around the table. I was crying of joy.(more like tearing up) Nash Stood in front of me. I looked into his eyes and kissed him. He smiled and grabbed my hand. He led me to the table and made sure I sat down first. He pushed in my chair and quickly sat across from me.

"You like it?" Nash said smiling and scratched the back of his neck.

"Are you serious Nash?" Nash's smile dropped " I love it." I finally finished.

We spent the night asking each other questions and exchanged memories and talked about ourselves. I had a great time. At the end of the night we drove back to Nash's apartment. I fell asleep. I felt the car stop but didn't bother to open my eyes. I heard the door next to me open and felt Nash. He got me out of the car and carried me to the apartment. I knew we were in because the weather difference is warmer than before.Nash was walking up the stairs and laid me down in his bed. He left but came back with blankets. He gently laid them on top of me. He closed his room door and turned off the light. He lifted the blankets and got comfortable. I rolled over and buried my head in his chest. He lifted up my head and kissed me. I kissed back. Nash started to kiss down my jawline. He got to my neck and I giggled. He stopped for a second, smiled and continued. He gave me a hickey on my neck. He gave me an Eskimo kiss and took off his shirt. I was caught in the moment. Nash rolled on top of me...

To be continued my friends (smirk face emoji😏)

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