chapter 5

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Zach's POV


It's been two days since Frankie left, I'm completely miserable.

We text, FaceTime and email each other but it's not the same. I love him and I miss him.

"Zach?" Peyton asks.

"What's up?"

"Are you okay?"

"I'm hanging in there."

"What's wrong?"

"I just miss Frankie..."


I continued to watch TV until Peyton came up in front of me.



"What's your problem?" I laughed.

Instead of responding he hugged me.

"Stop being sad."

This was unusual for him considering he's a 4th grader who doesn't want anything to do with his older brother.


"I know your upset about Frankie leaving, but you have me."

"I'm not upset about that!" I lied.

"Yes you are..."

"Maybe a little."

"Well everything will be okay."


Hours past and I was still on the couch.

Days past and I haven't left the house.

I was becoming so depressed.

It was 2 weeks later when I realized I should visit Frankie.

I told my mom I was visiting him, but she thinks I'm nuts. I'm going to surprise him. It'll be the best.

I got in my car and and drove to the airport.

When I finally landed in New York I looked at my phone to see what apartment he lived in again. I was shaking as I walked up to his door.

I knocked and waited.

"Is Frankie here?" I asked when a unfamiliar man answered the door.

He was about to say something but the Frankie walked out of what I'm guessing was the bathroom considering he had only a towel on.

"Babe are you ready for our shower--Zach....." he paused and stared at me. He looked like a deer who was about to be hit by a car.

"You know I gotta go..." I ran as fast as possible.

"WAIT ZACH!!!" he chased after me, still in a towel.

I continued to run. I felt tears dropping on my shirt.

I honestly thought he loved me...

"Zach please!!" he whimpered.


"Please Zach...j-just please!"

I sat I'm my car crying, I think I lost him.

He cheated on me. He really just cheated on me.

I drove to my cousins house which wasn't to far away and I stayed there.

I was staying in New York for 2 weeks.

I decided I needed a drink so I went to a bar.

"Can I have a...uh...whats this in the photo" I asked pointing to the menu.

"Berry-Blaster?" the girl asked.

"Yeah, please."

"Sure thing, and by the way you look really hot."

"Nahh, I'm kinda cold."

"No, I mean sexy. Call me sometime." she slipped me a number and walked away. I wasn't all that attracted to her.

I looked around the bar causally until pink wavey hair caught my attention.

I caught his too.

The blonde had come running towards me grasping me in a hug.

"Before you say anything just please let me hug you." he cried.

I stood silent. I couldn't stand him.

"Zach, I never ever meant to hurt you. It's just I messed up. I really did. I'm so sorry and I hope you could forgive me."

Silent still.

"I love you, and it hurts me as much it hurts you. Please, just please."

"YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T!" I screamed.

"I'm so sorry..."

He started to cry but I didn't care at all.

"I don't care anymore."

"Well I'm still in love with you. Please Zach!!! Give me another chance."

"I can't trust you. I really do want to but-but I hate you. I hate you so much. You make people fall for you and then, and then you make them want to crumble up and hide. I can't forgive you. Your dead to me."


"I'm done with you."

I left the bar and drove to my cousin's house. She was at work.

I cried that whole day. Non stop.

How could he do that?

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