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Clyde' s P.O.V.

It was Friday night and I wanted to take bo out so I can tell her how I feel about her so I called her.

Our conversation

Bee: Hey, best friend; what's up witchu?

Me: Nothing I wanna take you out tonight, best friend.

Bee: That sounds cool, where?

Me: You don't need to know just get ready.

Bee: Well I'm not going if you don't tell me.



Me: Bye.

Bee: Cy.

Me: What (Saying Aggravated)

Bee: I love you, Cy. Do you love me?

Me: Of course I love you; your my best friend.

End of conversation.


I was glad to hear the Clyde loved me back and I think it's time for me to tell him how I feel about him because I want him bad.

I got out of my bed and took a shower and did my thing in there got out brushed my teeth and curled my hair. I was rehearsing how I was going to tell him I was scared like crazy. idk.

I made sure I put on something special for for him. I put on my tight red dress it wasn't short it was a little below my knees and some short heels

and I hope his taking me to somewhere fancy because I don't wanna put this on for no reason and we going to the movies or something.

I looked at the time and it was 9am. Then that's when Clyde called he told me he was outside. I grabbed my purse and phone and told my mom I was leaving and who with she was straight with that because Clyde' s been my best friend since we were 3 years of age.

I got downstairs to go out the door and Clyde had a tucks on so I was happy I didn't dress up for nothing he went over to my side to open my door we hugged and I got in and said thank you.

Clyde' s P.O.V

I didn't tell bo we we're going to Fleming's Steakhouse in south Miami beach. because I want it to be a surprise. She asked me where we was going and I said T.G.I Friday so she can think we are dressed up for nothing but we are going to a fancy restaurant. The ride was silent because bonnie was sleep the whole time. I'm nerves to tell her how I feel I've been rehearsing it while I was getting ready. We finally got there I went on her side and opened the door and kissed her on her forehead (I know what y'all thinking why is they kissing if their just friends well our mothers taught us that every since we was 3 years old.) and she woke up and smiled "It's been A long time since you've done that". She said getting out of the car. "Yea well I just wanted to bring back some memories" I said as we laughed.

We got to the door..."Mhmm I thought we was going to T.G.I". Bonnie said.we both laughed out loud. "Well I wanted to surprise you". I said

The waitress showed us our table and gave up our menu' s. We looked in it for a while and the waitress came to get our drinks Bonnie ordered the pink lemonade with the sweet tea in it and I ordered a Pepsi. We were still looking to see what we wanted. "I think I want the shrimp Alfredo". Bo said in a soft voice

In my head I was thinking I love when she talk all soft to me and I think she knows that.

"Imma get the steak with mashed potatoes and a side of vegetables". I said

The waitress came with our drinks and asked us what we wanted and we told her.

Bonnie' s P.O.V.

After we got our food Clyde said "Bo I have to tell you something important". (I already knew what it was). "Go ahead and tell me" I said in excitement. I knew he was nerves I saw it in his eyes.

"Bo I'm so in love with you, I've been in love with you since we was little I would always tell my mama that someday I would marry you and that's what I plan on doing being with you for the rest of my life".He said

"Omg Cylde (I said almost about to cry ) I think the same thing I love with all my heart your my best friend but I want to be best friends and lovers and have just one child". we both laughed about that last part.

"So what do you say do you wanna be my girl". He said almost about to cry. Yes I wanna be your girl Clyde I've always wanted to". I said about to break down crying. (I know what y'all thinking why we making it like he's asking for my hand in marriage but I've always wanted him and he was like a prince to me and I was a princess.)

after we finished everything we left and went in the car we kissed like ten thousand before we got in there thou I asked him if he wanted me to stay over with him tonight he said yea. You know A girl brought some extra clothes in her purse lol. I text my ma that I was staying over and I told her the news she was so happy she said I knew this day was going to happen she said don't get pregnant I told her I don't wanna have sex with him right now.

We arrived at his house and we went up stairs I went to go tell his mom what happened she said the same exact words my ma said I went to tell cy I was gonna shower and he said ok when I got out the shower he

bust in and I was naked. "boy if you don't close that door." He came in and we kissed I told him I didn't wanna have sex with him tonight he said that's alright but I knew he was a little mad. I said I was sorry. I did my thang in the shower. And Clyde went after me.
After he got out the shower he came in his room and saw me on his bed naked He smiled and came up to me "ain't you still a virgin ?"......."yea, but is that a bad thing he said "no its just I'm gonna be your first and I always wanted to be." He used his tongue for about ten minutes and He finally put a condom on. "Imma go slow for you, but tell me when you ready to go a little faster." I said ok. The first 3 strokes hurt like crazy, but when I got used to it I told him to go faster and that was the best night I've ever spend with him.

After we finish and was about to go to bed I text his mama and mine and said I decided to do it but that was my first ever and yes we used a condom. Mrs. Thompson ya I know I heard y'all in there and I turned over to Clyde to lay on his chest and he held me tight that night like he was saying mine and always will be, I smiled I feel so blessed I said my prayers and went to bed and cy's arms.

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