chapter 3

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The next day after Miranda had found out that Rose was pregnant, Stevie had stayed at the flat overnight and Miranda was still in pieces.Stevie cooked breakfast and went to wake Miranda up "Miranda"she said softlly opening the door,Miranda was lying in bed staring at a photo of her and Gary.

"Do you want some breakfast ?"Stevie asked."no" Miranda replied,"oh come on,you have to eat something"stevie said gently."I'm really not hungry"Miranda said."Do you want me to go and talk to Gary ?"Stevie asked.Miranda nodded."I'll be back soon then" Stevie replied leaving the flat and going down to the restaurant.

"Gary ?" Stevie said walking into the restaurant,he moaned and rubbed his head."are you drunk ?"Stevie asked."How is she Stevie"Gary asked."Not that good" Stevie replied."I'm so sorry"Gary said,tears running down his face,"come here"Stevie said trying to bundle him into her arms.

"I've screwed up"he sighed as he walked over to the sofa and sat down Exhausted.Stevie put the kettle on and returned with two coffees,"Have you spoken to Rose"She asked."No" Gary sighed."you need to"Stevie said gently."you think I don't know that"Gary snapped,He looked at Stevie "sorry"he said quietly."You can't put stuff off"Stevie told him.

"I talk to Rose and then everything becomes so real,and I just can't face it,I can't be a parent with Rose"Gary replied."why ?" Stevie asked."Because it's not right,that kid is going to be born into such a broken,messed up life and it deserves so much better"Gary explained.

"That is exactly why you need to talk to her"Stevie said."what about Miranda ?"Gary asked."I don't know"Stevie replied.Gary slammed down his cup and covered his face "I'm not ready"he said."Gary,you have to be"Stevie said pulling his hands away from his face,"you'll get through this by talking and sorting things out okay,I have to get back to Miranda"she said,Gary nodded and Stevie went back to the flat.

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