"Do Not Lose Hope"

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Hope is needed for tragedy has already fallen

What happen to the people will not be forgotten

For what affected them is a big problem

And what they want is hope and not burden

Shout NO MORE to despair

Plus tear the fright you bear

And I dare you to say a prayer

A prayer that would stop scare

Tear that fear away

And let hope rise up today

For what we have face in the past will decay

But hope and faith in God will stay


Actually this poem was written when I was still a second year or third year high school student and I just foudn it hidden away in my room, so I decided to add it here. I hope you were moved by the poem. This poem actually was about the people who were victimes of flood or calamities here in the Philippines and that what move me to write this poem. 

Never cease to pray, because with faith, PRAYER IS POWERFUL!

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