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|3 years ago|

"What's with the sad face?" Megan nudged my shoulder lightly. Her expression was etched with concern.

"Hunter still hasn't spoken to you?" Danielle piped up.

I shook my head and sighed.

I knew something was wrong. Hunter never went that long without speaking to me, even when we were fighting.

"What exactly happened?" Megan asked.

"I already told you. He was livid when he found out that Nichole had pushed me into the pool, he told Jace to take me home and went back to the party himself. I got worried when I didn't hear from him so I tried calling him but he didn't pick up and he's been avoiding me ever since." My voice sounded small.

Megan scowled. "He is so dead when I talk to him! No one hurts my bestfriend and gets away with it!"

I managed to smile. "No Megan please don't say anything to him, okay?"

She frowned but finally nodded.

Danielle bought her arm around my shoulder. "Don't worry Scar. This is Hunter we're talking about, he'll come around."

I gave her a grateful smile.

She was right.

I had nothing to worry about.

Hunter was my best friend.

Everything would be fine.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw Hunter's tall frame come into view.

"There he is. I'll go talk to him." I told my two friends and they both gave me encouraging smiles.

His back was too me. I watched as he confidently walked through the school hallway.

"Hunter!" I called out frantically, trying to dodge the never ending sea of students to get to him.

His whole body tensed when I called out his name. He paused for a moment but started walking again.

Was it just me or was his pace actually faster now?

I finally reached him and grabbed his arm to stop him.

He flinched away from my touch.

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Hunter, what's wrong?" I asked him softly.

He refused to meet my gaze.

"Nothing's wrong Scarlett." He spat out.

I tried to avoid the pang of hurt I felt.

"Then why have you been avoiding me?" I asked him, my voice was determined.

He sighed. "I need space."

My eyes narrowed at him.

"I've known you for ten years Hunter. You think I can't see through this crap? Tell me what's really wrong?" I snapped.

He didn't answer me, instead he started walking away.

I blanched. I felt like he'd just slapped me. My anger overrode all of my other emotions. I grabbed his arm again.

"Hunter Adams! Don't you dare walk away from me!" I snapped angrily.

His head snapped in my direction, his eyes were furious. He wretched his hand away from my grasp.

"Stay away from me Scarlett." He spat out.

The venom in his voice made me stagger back.

By now a crowd had started to gather around us. Everyone was watching the horrifying scene unfold.

"What did I do?" I whispered my voice was shaking.

For a moment an emotion flashed across his face.


But he quickly covered it.

He turned his head away from me, like he couldn't bear to look at me.

"Talk to me Hunter. Tell me what's wrong. We're best friends, we'll figure in out. We always figure it out." I urged.

His eyes met mine again and I shuddered at how cold they were.

Hunter had never looked at me that way.

His lips drew into a sneer.

"We're not friends." He said through clenched teeth.

"W-what do you mean?" I stuttered in disbelief.

I could feel my throat closing up.

"I'm not your friend Scarlett. Just stay away from me." He snarled.

He started to leave.

"Hunter please-" I cried out. I didn't care that I was sobbing in front of the entire school. All I cared about was Hunter.

I reached out for him again. My hand clasped his wrist to stop him.

His jaw clenched, his eyes blazed when I touched him.

He yanked his hand away with such a force that I lost my balance and fell down. A cry left my lips as my ankle twisted painfully.

My wide eyes met his horrified ones.

A pair of arms encircled my waist. I looked up and saw Jace kneeling down beside me, his furious gaze trained on Hunter. He lifted me up in his arms and I whimpered as the movement caused the pain in my ankle to intensify.

"This has gone too far. You're not taking any more of his crap Scarlett." Jace snapped, his glare fixated at Hunter.

Hunter wasn't looking at us.

I couldn't speak.

This couldn't be real.

This couldn't be happening.

"Let's get you to the Nurse's office." Jace murmured as he started to carry me away.

I could hear the whispers around us.

But my eyes were still trained on Hunter.

I watched as he slowly walked away.

He didn't turn back.


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