Doniya Weds Waseem

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I found a pic of me and Aleezay i wrapped my arms around her waist and put my chin on her shoulder and her hair was in her long natural waves she was wearing a little bit of makeup and she was smiling big

"Happy One Year Anniversary to the love of my life, Aleezay ever since you entered my life my life is just perfect! Even though we fight sometimes we automatically make up i always have to pacify you lol! But anyways i cant wait to spend my whole entire life with you! Your absolutely a cutie pie! Your weirdness makes my day. When i am having a bad day i see your face and my day gets all better, I love you jaan ! I have lots of surprises for you btw so stay tuned love ya once more !

I made a collage of us we take a lot of selfies together "Zayn i am going to go get ready" Aleezay said "okay"i said she smiled at me and then left

Aleezay's POV

"Ma'am your hair is done i am doing your makeup now" The lady said i nodded "Is Doniya ready?" i asked "Almost shes getting her hair done" she said i nodded

"Dang girl you look so pretty!" i said "thanks you too! your eyes are gorgeous" she said "thanks love" i said i was wearing a sari (omg look them up they are gorgeous Pakistani dresses ) my hair was curled and i looked very nice to be honest "send a pic to Zayn" she said "I was about to do that" i laughed she chuckled "you guys are so cute! I feel so bad your anniversary is today but your busy with my wedding" she said sadly "Hey its okay we can celebrate later also your wedding is more important. Your our sister Dee we want you to be happy and thats all" i said "Girl your too sweet! i will miss you" she said tearing up "Dee please no! you will ruin your makeup" i said she smiled "Here hug time" i said and hugged her

Zayn's POV

I saw Aleezay she looked amazing in her black sari her hair was opened and curled

my wife is hot

"Hi jaan you look sexy" i whispered in her ear she widened her eyes and smacked my arm playfully i laughed "Omg you guys look so cute!" Waliyha yelled "Wali shh maulisab (person who does the marriage papers and etc) is doing the paper work" i whisper yelled "sorry" she whispered

"Congrats Doniya!" i said and hugged her she started to cry "Oh no don't cry" Aliyah said we all laughed "i will miss you guys" she cried "Girl omg stop making me cry" Wali said and hid her face i chuckled it made me remember my wedding day


"mom! Aleezay wont stop crying!" Yousuf bhai yelled "Al darling calm down its your wedding day your husband is waiting downstairs!" she said i wiped my tears "Fatima beta fix her makeup" my khala said (aunt) "Al no crying this is my last time i am fixing your makeup please!" she said nicely but sternly i nodded

End of flashback

"Hey Aleezay i am Waseem i couldn't actually meet you at the Mendhi" Waseem said "Hey and its fine! i was going crazy too" i said he laughed "Doniya please smile now! your married" i said she smiled weakly


"Hey Salam everyone i am Aleezay i am Doniya's sister in law. Doniya is like a big sister to me i actually am the middle child in my family i have a little sister who is 6 years old she is so cute i love her to bits i wondered what it is to have a big sister my brother got married and then i gained a big sister who name is Fatima she is so nice! I am so happy my brother met her! Then i met Doniya the day i met her i just knew we were going to be really close shes the sweetest person i love you so much Dee! May Allah (God) bless you two with lots of happiness and make your marriage very strong Insh'Allah Love you girl and don't cry trust me i have been through it too i never cried that much in my life

everyone laughed

Anyways thanks for joining us today and congrats to the newly couple love you both" i finished i blew a kiss to them everyone clapped loudly i smiled and left the stage

Sad part comes now!

Doniya started to tear up Zayn looked pretty sad i held his hand and smiled at him he smiled "Aleezay Baji is Zayn bhai sad?" Aliyah asked "yeah baby he is sad" i said "I was sad too when you left" she said i smiled "Cause your my sister and Doniya is Zayn's big sister" i explained she nodded and smiled Jawaad came "Baji i never imagined you wearing a sari" he said "i never imagined you wearing a Pakistani suit" i said "mom made me wear it" he said i chuckled "Guys Doniya is leaving" Mum said

Doniya was hugging Waliyha and Safaa i wiped my tears they all were literally sobbing Zayn was actually crying too Doniya saw me i went up to her and hugged her "Hey don't cry okay?" whispered she nodded we pulled apart she hugged Zayn i stood next to Safaa "Bhabhi first Zayn bhai left now Doniya baji left now Waliyha Baji will go too" she explained crying "Aww Waliyha wont go now shes with you right now and i am here also Doniya is just 1 hour away okay?" i said sweetly she nodded i wiped her tears and hugged her

Zayn was sitting on the bed looking sad "Zaynie you okay?" i asked he nodded "Jaan go change its pretty late and the sari must be uncomfortable" he said i nodded and got a pair of comfy tights and a Little Mermaid jumper

I know i am pretty childish but whatever my love for mermaids will never end 😁

I changed into my clothes i brushed my curls and took my makeup off i took my contacts out and wore my nerd glasses

Comfortable at last 😌

"Safaa go to sleep love" i said "i am scared there's something in my room" she said crying "I will come with you" i said i held her hand and walked with her i laid down with her "Bhabhi i love you. Your so nice when i was little and i thought Zayn bhai would get married then his wife would take him away from me but you would never do that" she said i smiled "you are too cute" i said and hugged her

I love this little cutie pie 💕

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