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Zeus POV

The room collapsed into chaos. Artemis was amid an onslaught of questions. Normally, now I would be arguing with Hera but I was too interested in Rogue to focus on anything else.

"SILENCE!!" I thundered(what a pun). Everyone turned to me.

"Now then. Artemis." She looked up. "What is his name?" I asked gently.

"They say his name is Jace Storm," she said.

Apollo smirked and said,"His name sounds flashy. Probably one of my kids."

Artemis snorted. "Yeah right. He acts too noble and selfless too be one of your kids."

Apollo face morphed into one of mock anger. " What was that supposed to mean lil' sis."

I sighed and stopped them from starting another arguement. "Hermes. I want you to visit Camp Half-Blood and find out if there had ever been a Jace Storm there."

Hermes frowned and said," Wait a second. Why can't we just Iris Message him. Then we can see where he is or if the name, Jace Storm, had just been a facade."

Athena nodded. "For once in your life, Hermes, your five brain cells have generated an idea that even I didn't think of."

Hermes smirked and then realised what she said. Then he pouted.

I ignored them and summoned Iris. She arrived in a flash of a rainbow.

"You summoned me my lord,"she said whilst bowing. I smiled. Iris was my favourite minor god because of her bubbly personality. Right now she was wearing an apron which had muffin mix stains on it.

"I'm sorry if we interrupted anything but we need to see the demigod who has been guiding others to camp."

She nodded. "Rogue right? The guy all the minor goddesses are crushing on. I can do that."

At first I was shocked that others on Olympus knew about him. I got over my shock and realised that the minor gods were searching for Perseus as well so they would've heard about Rogue.

She created a rainbow and said," Show me Rogue."

The rainbow shimmered and a screen appeared. A man that fitted Rogue's description was sharpening arrows with a little girl who was clutching his legs. The girl turned and saw us. Oh no. The girl was probably a demigod. If we tried to stop her telling Rogue that we were watching, then we would make noise and he would notice us. The girl whimpered at the sight of us in all our godly glory and pulled Rogue's arm. Rogue turned and noticed us. His eyes hardened but softened when the girl, who looked like a daughter of Iris, whispered something in his ear. He smiled and said," Yes, they're the Olympians I told you about, and she," he said pointing to Iris," is your mother. Iris smiled as her daughter walked closer to the message and said a cautious "Hello."

Apollo shrank to human size and walked over to the screen. "You don't have to be scared."

Then the girl gasped. "Andy?" Apollo grinned. I frowned

"Do you two know each other?"

At this point, Rogue decided to interrupt. "Hey Abigail. Do you wanna see your mom in the flesh and talk to her?"

The girl, Abigail, nodded enthusiastically. He turned to us and said," I'm coming over there" and cut the connection. I grinned. Well this is an unexpected bonus. Before I could say anything there was a flash and the air seemed to freeze with Rogue and Abigail appearing from a rip in the air that looked like a blizzard. Rogue clicked his fingers and the rip disappeared. He turned, only to find Iris hugging Abigail. Iris looked at me and an understanding passed. I nodded and Iris took her daughter's hand and flashed out, leaving the smell of ROFL gluten free muffins.

Once they were gone, Hera and Hestia rushed of off their thrones and hugged Rogue. He turned to me and said,"Can you stop calling me Rogue? I have a name you know."

We were still shocked from what happened with Hera and Hestia. They never showed this much love with a demigod.

Apollo was the one to ask the question. "Who are you then?"

Rogue sighed and muttered something. Then his features changed. When he finished he looked exactly like... No way?!

"My name is Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, adopted son of Boreas and Circe, Champion of Hestia, Chaos and Hera."

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