"Honey do you have all your boxes" my mom yelled from her room "Yes mom I'll be downstairs in a few minutes" I replied "Okay sweetie". Well your probably wondering who I am and why I'm moving so, my name is Bethany White and Im 18 years old moving from Pensacola, Florida to Littleton, Colorado. Why I'm moving? Because of my dads new job. Meaning I have to leave everything behind, like my friends and my house. I walked downstairs with my boxes then walked up again with my carry on bag for the plane and the last boxes. When I walked downstairs I saw something I've never wanted to ever see again but obviously that cant happen now. "So how ya been" my EX Jake said slapping my butt. He used to be a great guy until he cheated and I broke up with him and now all he does is drink. He's not even old enough to drink. "What do you want and why are you in my house?" I asked pushing him towards the door "Just wanted to tell the love of my life goodbye before she leaves me" he replied "Haha very flattering but i gotta leave and I've already left you so goodye Jake" I finished off as I pushed him outside and slammed the door shut. "Okay mom and dad Im ready" I yelled. Somethings not right.


i hope you like it. I really don't know why I already did a cliffhanger but oh well. It will be okay, I swear

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