Chapter 1 Part 1

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My name is Jacob i am 21 years old,Our Generation is Called "A.T." (Advance Technology).Because in this Generation the "Robotica Helmet" is been created by Jadis Kida,Robotica Helmet is a Small Helmet that measures Head to Nose,It have a Small Hole in the left side Because thats where you insert Games Chips,but the R.H. is just been created a year ago so there is still only one chip that is been Created its Called "Battlefield"....Battlefield is a Game where all players Use Guns and Swords,All players can identify each other gender too Because The R.H. Scan your Brain and See through your physical shape so In That Game or Virtual Game the Body That you use is The Same In the real World.

"Kring! Kring! Kring!"

My Alarm clock is always set at 3:00 am so i can play before School,The School starts at 7 :00 am and i sleep at 12:00 pm so i am really sleepy in School.

After waking up i turned the alarm off because it was noisy,then i rushed to the Closet and Change to my Uniform.

I Turned on the R.H. and Close my eyes i waited for 1 Minute then i felt a Big Vibration.After the big Vibration i've opened my eyes and saw A Beautiful Garden, I Checked the upper left and the upper right of the Screen and saw my lvl i was Lvl 105,When i saw my lvl i started to Remember that i am one of the 1000 players that first played Battlefield they were Called Battle tester.

(Confuse? Jacob played The game a year ago with an unkown friend,when his friend Left Their place He stopped playing it....after 1 year He played it again.....)

I started Moving thats its like i am new.When i Sense that its like something was Moving,i Saw the plant Moving and then it Attacked me,i Saw a Pistol near my Pocket,I Grabbed it Fast then Tried to Shoot the Plant.

When I Fire the Gun i Missed, i Tried Firing it 3 more times But it Didnt Hit,i was Afraid Because it was so long since i sense the near dying situation.....When it Was near in my Face A Blue Light Past through the plant.

I saw a Girl in a Red Dress with A blue Sword,Then I Heard a Big Sound Like A big Rock Falling I turned Back and Saw the Head of the plant.

"The Head was cut?" I said.

"Newbie" she Asked.

I tried to think if i am gonna say yes or no,but i thought of hiding my Identity because she might laugh at me when she hear my lvl.

"Yes" i answered.

"Ohh i see" she said.

"My name is Jacob" i said.

"My name is Jenifer" she said and Smiled.

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