Chapter 14- Its time already

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Eren's POV:

It's been a month and a half living in the house, it had enough space for everyone, there was also changes too. Jean and Sasha can move on now that Marlo was out of the way, Armin was able to fix Hanji's glasses, Marco and Krista are in a relationship, and Levi loves Petra. However, Ymir's belly was getting big, we don't know when Ymir is going to labor.

Mikasa: Eren c'mon we need to go scavenge

Eren: Ok

*Eren, Mikasa, Bertolt, and Levi went into a town*

Levi: Split up and look for scraps, were low on nails

Eren: Ok

*eren and Mikasa are looking inside of a hotel floor*

Mikasa: Eren, how about you look inside that hotel room on the left and I look inside the other room on the right

Eren: Ok that'll work

*Mikasa looking at inside a hotel room*

Mikasa: Found it *grabs the box of nails and puts them in her bag* Ok Eren, I found what were looking for................Eren? *Walks to the room that Eren is in*

Eren: *crying* Mikasa, look

*a dead family that was shot*

Mikasa: Oh my god, it's coming back isn't it?

Eren: Yes, it's bringing back mom *continues to cry*

*Mikasa hugging Eren from behind*

Mikasa: Don't be sad, Eren. We just gotta put the past behind us and try to move to the future

*meanwhile with Levi and Bertolt*

Levi: How's Ymir doing?

Bertolt: She's doing alright, she was a little stress

Levi: It can be time for her

Bertolt: For what?

Levi: Ymir to give birth

Bertolt: Really?

Levi: Yes, have you thought of a name for the child?

Bertolt: I need to think about it

Levi: Let's check the mechanic store

Bertolt: Ok

*back with Eren and Mikasa*

Mikasa: Eren, remember when I lost my family?

Eren: Yes

Mikasa: I felt like I was going to die until you came and saved me from the thieves

Eren: *wiping his tears* yeah I remember that, but how come you still wear the red scarf?

Mikasa: To make sure I still remember that time and if you die, I'll remember you

Eren: Mikasa, we're married for 2 years, I care about you and I'll still remember you

Mikasa: Thanks Eren

Mikasa' s Walkie Talkie: Hey guys do you copy, it's Petra

Levi: This is Levi, what's going on

Petra: It's Ymir, she's giving birth

Eren: *looks at Mikasa* (surprised)

Levi: Get to the jeep, now

-End of chapter 14

*I need your help, what should the baby be a boy or a girl? And give me a name too*

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