Chapter 3

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After I finished getting ready, I brought all my stuff to the door and waited for Jamie. as I was waiting I checked through my social medias. Ohh notification on Twitter. I open the tweet and read it:

"@jackgilinsky: yay cabin trip time. so excited to chill with the homie @ayvasthecoolest."

Awww. out of all the people going he decides to mention me. maybe he does like me.

"@avyasthecoolest: heck yeuhh @jackgilinsky! this shall be fun :)" I tweet.

Finally Jamie pulls up into my drive way and I load all my stuff into her car while she just sits.

"thanks for the help jam jeez." I say when I get into her car.

"oh yeah no problem!" she replies sarcastically.

"dude I'm like so excited for this trip" I say

"yeah I'm sure you are.." she says smiling. I give her a what do you mean look.

"I saw your and jacks little twitter convo earlier. He's ' so excited to chill with his homie Ayva'.." she mocks him.

"yeah I don't even know what that was about." I say

"yeah you do. stop denying it. you know it. he knows it. the whole planet knows it."

"knows what?!?" I say

"wow don't play the clueless card with me Ayva. we all know you guys are gunna be a couple. get married and have babies then grow old together. its gunna happen." she says with a grin.

"woah hold on there Jamie! it was one tweet." I put her in her place.

"first a tweet and then come other things.." she tells me.

"okay we'll see. we can't predict anything, only time can tell us."

QUICK AUTHORS NOTE: see what I did there? only time can tell us. thats the name of the story. I'm hilarious wow. ok sorry. moving on with the story..

After Jamie tells me how mine and jacks life will play out, we finally arrive at the Starbucks where we meet the others. As we pull in, I straight away spot jack and Cameron. Then I see our other friends: Lia, jennah Matt, and Nash.

We park and go to where the others are standing.

"hey guys!" Jamie and I say in sync.

"sup Ayva. Hey Jamie." they say as we hug them.

When it was my turn to hug jack, he gave me the biggest hug I've ever received. He was so warm and smelled so good I just can't. As I stepped back from this tall figure I see a smile on his face.

"hey homie" he says

"hi" I say. woah why am I acting so weird. this is jack. just talk to him like you usually do Ayva.. I tell myself.

"you want to go inside and  get some coffee?" he asks me.

"yeah I didn't have any this morning." I'm a coffee addict. I know it sucks cause I'm only 17, but I'm addicted.

"Guys Ayva and I are gunna go inside and get some coffee. don't leave without us, we'll be right back." he told everyone.

As we were walking inside I turn around and see Jamie grinning at me like crazy. this girl. I think to myself shaking my head.

"do you know what you want? jack asks.

" yeah you can order first though."

"no we're ordering together" he smiles at me

"are you sure?"

"yeah I gottchyu"

"okay. Umm can I please have a tall Carmel macchiato light ice extra Carmel"

"actually she wants that as a venti" he tells the Batista.

"jack are you sure its gunna be like 6 bucks?"

"don't trip Ayva." he tells me with a smile.

After we order our drinks we sit at a table and wait for them and I can't help but think to myself what a great guy he is.

Jamie's pov.

"okay guys we are so leaving without them" I tell the crowd.

"what do you mean? how will they get to the cabin?" Nash asks.

"jack is on his own car, its perfect. now let's go before they come out and its too late!" I say and everyone starts getting into the cars.

Jack. Ayva. In a car. Alone. For 3 hours. I'm a genius

Ayva's POV

When our drinks are ready, we get them and start heading back out where everyone was waiting for us. except there was no one out there. they left. without us. this is all Jamie's idea.. I conclude.

"Omg thats totally not cool" Jack says in a white girl voice and I can't help but laugh. he's got looks, a  personality, and a sense of humor. he's perfect Ayva! I think to myself.

"I guess it's just the two of is then" he says with a huge grin.

"yeah I guess so" I smile back.

Jack. Me. in a car. alone. for 3 hours. this shall be good.

A/N: hey guys. so this is chapter 3. sorry I'm sucha bad writer lol. still thinking of a comfortable updating schedule. okay thats it. hope you liked it. vote if you did :)


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