Jacob Whitesides Part 1 of 2

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" So, Jacob when are you posting a new cover?" You ask Your best friend, as you sit in his swivel chair acrossed his room.

"Well, I wanted too, this week but I'm leaving for tour, and I wont be able to until I have an Off day or something" he says sadly, while looking you dead in the eyes.

" That sucks" You say more to your self than Jacob.

"You Know (Y/N) I was thinking about tour and everything, and since Sierra and my mom are only going to be there on tour with me until August 2nd Im going to need someone to come with me so I dont get bored, but the only downfall is, that person would have to share a bunk with me" He said

"Well Who Did You Have In Mind"

"Well I would like for my best friend to go, but she would have to ask, And I doubt she even wants to go" He said after looking at you

"Jacob are you talking about me?" you ask seriously

"No im talking about my other best friend that is sitting in my swivel chair... Of course Im talking about you!!" He says sarcastically while laughing.

"Jacob I love you, you know that!" You say while you get up to go get some food from Jacobs kitchen.

"If only you knew how much I really loved you, You'd be mine" Jacobs mumbles to himself.




Later that evening Jacob had Text you asking if you had asked.You replied with a simple "No, Not Yet" because you were still trying to figure out how you would ask your parents, because you didnt just want to come out and say " Oh Hey Mom and Dad, Im going on tour with Jacob is that alright?" they would give you a flat no.

You ended up telling Jacob to come over so the two of you could talk it out, and discuss how you would ask since Jacob always knew what to say.

Jacob arrived a few minutes after you called him. Letting himself in your room.

"You know I could have been naked." you say as he sits next to you.

"Come on, we used to take bathes together when we were little. And I wouldn't watch you anyways, that would be disrespectful to you." he says

"I was kidding. Anyways how should we ask my parents?" You ask him.

"Let me wright this down" Jacob says as he walks over to your desk.

"JACOB ARE YOU DONE YET? I'M SO BORED" You say as you look over at him.
"Almost, be patient" he says

"It's been twenty-five minutes, can you hurry up, please?" You ask him.

After another ten minutes of Jacob writing he finally stood up.

"Finally!" You say.

"Okay, this is what it says" Jacob says before reading the half written page.

"Mom and Dad, I understand if you say no, but please hear me out first. I am 16 years old, which is a responsible age for you to allow me to experience further quest outside my home town, by this I mean go on tour with Jacob. Jacob is my Bestfriend, and he means the world to me, and I know he would do anything for me, as would I. He has asked me to go on tour with him because his mom and sister will only be with him for a few weeks, and he doesn't want to be homesick. I understand Jacob is becoming big and famous, and that one day he will get signed and go all over the world on tour. You two have told me time and time again that I should be more social and get to know other people, which is why you should let me go with Jacob. I think this will be a great opportunity to explore more. And get to know more people. I promise to call everyday and update you on everything, if you let me go with Jacob. Please?"

"Wow. Jacob that was great. I can't believe you paid attention in English class." You playfully joke with him.

"Well duh!" He laughs

"But no seriously, that was amazing, and if they say no to that I'm so done, because I would totally let my kid go with their best friend on tour, but that's only if they gave me a perfect reason to allow them too" you say as he hands you the paper and sits down on your bed.

"Okay, so you can go down there right now and ask, that way I'll still be here. And if they say no, then we'll get to that mountain when it comes. Okay?" He ask.

"Okay" you say as you stand from your sitting position on the bed.

"I'm so nervous" you whisper right before you walk out the bedroom door.

"Don't be" Jacob smiles at you before you exit.

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