Remebering and moving in

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As I left to Devins I tried to remember times before Mom died,when I had never moved a day in my life and suddenly I've lived in two houses and I'm moving into another.

When I was younger moving seemed,I don't know,terrifying I liked routine but now I don't really care about it,my Mom was like this she'd have something planned and end up doing something else and wouldn't care,but to me at the time moving would ruin everything.

Memories crashed into me,my first day of school every year,all the birthdays celebrated,movie nights,everything and hurt and I knew why now but I still wish I didn't sometimes and now I understand the saying “ignorance is bliss" and I wish I was still ignorant sometimes.

Is it bad that sometimes I wish I didn't remember those moments? I knew it was but I didn't want to feel the pain of remembering her anymore.

I knew Mom wouldn't be happy with these thoughts but at the same time she would have been a hypocrite.

Mom did what dad did when she wanted to forget things,if only for a little while she got drunk and she forgot.

But she had told me about it when I had come home after Grandma had died to her passes out on the couch and she had told me why she did but she had said that it hadn't made her feel any better.

And I guess she was right because even when I tried to forget it didn't feel right it felt...wrong I guess but every now and then,I did try to forget,to stop feeling again after I had only just started again I couldn't do it.

I hadn't noticed the us had stopped until I heard the bus driver yell “last chance to get off" in his booming voice and I jumped up,grabbed my bags and rushed to the doors I only I to walk about a block to get to Devins house.

I looked down at my hand where I had written his address but I didn't have to as Devin was jumping up and down,waving his arms excitedly on his drive way when he saw me I laughed as I walked up.

“What the hell are you doing?" I laughed as I reached his drive way “Well,I was jumping up and down,waving my arms" he said patronizingly as if I was a child “just help me with my bags" I glared at him.

While I only brought two bags but everything I had were in those bags and they were heavier than I expected.

As he picked my first bag he groaned “What do keep in her,bricks?" I looked at him amused realizing his metaphor “no,I have my books in that bag".

And it was true,after Daisy abandoned me I had read everything I could get my hands on to stop the ache of loneliness that hit after.

The result of this caused me to have multiple books all which I had read many times before and continued to reread them.

He gave me a strange look as he picked it up again and walking towards his big blue house,it had four windows,two on the top and two by the bottom and the door was pushed out just a little and was white with paint hand prints all over it.

The two bottom windows had plain grey curtains and I guessed that's where the living room was,the two windows on top however both had colors one of them had rainbow curtains with words like “Love" and “Awesome" all over it the next window just had plain dark,midnight blue curtains-his room.

As we stopped at the door and he was opening I asked “Do you have a sister?" I looked up to the room with rainbow curtains,he laughed “yeah my little sister,Suzie,she's uh very colorful" he said as we both looked at her window.

Once we got in we both put down the suit cases he took off his shoes,and I did the same after “come on we have to tell my Mom you're here" he grabbed hand and dragged me to a kitchen.

“Mom,this is Riley Green one of my friends" the 'my only friend part' was left off but we all heard it,his mom just smiled widely her pure white teeth showing as she pulled me into a hug and I awkwardly patted her back she laughed and let go.

She had his blond hair but instead of his blue eyes she had honey brown,she was also shorter that her son and taller than me,which wasn't hard to be and when she smiled she had dimples in both her cheeks and her crinkled at the corners.

She pulled her son into a hug as well and he returned it gladly,once she let go he went towards an oak cabinit and his mom smiled again and laughed “he's always eating" she told me in a stage whisper I laughed along with her as Devin glared at both of us.

After eating dinner with Lisa as I was informed to call her(demanded to call her) and Devin I was shown an extra room it was smaller than I had at Dads but bigger than I had at Rachels,I unpacked everything.

After meeting his mother I didn't think it would be so bad being here the only thing I had to worry about was how close Dad now lived from us.

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