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we get to school late like usual .
hey Chrissy are u aloud to come on Saturday? Liam says
Ye ye I think so"

I walked of to class and there stood Mr porch waiting for me!
Miss Christy Chadwick this is the 4th time your late and its only Thursday! Now I think you should et a grip n set of earlier!!"
No buts now go and sit down!"

I did as I was told. It just went soo slow. I was chuffed to hear the last bell I grabbed my bag and headed home!
Dad I'm home!"
Oh hi sweetie please sit!"
Okay where's Lea?"
She went to pick her kids up!"

I sat there In awkward silence looking at my dad.
Soo what was it that u wanted to tell me"
Well I have a job at NYC!"

I was shocked dad hasn't worked since the day if y car crash!

I had so say questions to ask but I just couldn't get the words out!
Well this Saturday!"

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