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So where do I start?

If this was my first programming code I'd be writing a "Hello World" program for sure.

These are simple little beasts really. You accomplish something small in something new and feel as if you entered a whole new world of possibilities. Ok...may be not a world of possibilities but definitely the chance for something new.

The tricky thing is where do you go from there? Do you write something that will make you the next billionnaire startup genius...or something more mundate like your own little to-do app. Not that you need to write that though because there is a million other apps like it our there or if you are really honest with yourself, you are not THAT organised that you need your own personal to-do app. do you keep the interest and excitement going? Programming code is a lonely's you, your thoughts and your keyboard.  Not much human interaction there to keep you going when everyone else is probably in bed. It can be monotonous and a little bit more that just frustrating. As with everything in life once the sparkles and shine is gone you have to keep at it to do something that may actually be worthwhile.

Then, just maybe, you end up with something that is worth showing to someone else. But do you really want to put yourself out there? You  may think that you have built this amazing, completely "new to the world" thing only for everyone else to shrug their shoulders and then to say something like "What's the point? or "I don't understand..."

What do you mean you don't understand? 

I've just finished my genius work and it has gone unappreciated by the world. Well middle finger to the world then...

Except, maybe it isn't that great. You are really quite average at this writing code thing AND in fact you are better off doing something else with your time.

Slowly but surely the subtle poison called "self doubt" creeps in. "Yup, I'm not as great as I thought I was" OR "This really won't amount to anything so why am I even wasting my time thinking about it?"

Now is the real moment of truth! The shiny, sparkly days are over, you've worked hard at something that no one really cares too much about and you're thinking the best thing to do is just to pack eveything up and move on to the next thing.

But is this short little fling into the world of 0's and 1's over as soon as it's started? Or do you see a little hidden gem in your handywork that with much beating into submission may actually be useful to someone else but you.

Now it's a matter of swallowing hard, "biting the bullet", or any other cliche that you can think of and "just doing it". Because you know that you can do great things if you put your mind to it.  That nothing is really that difficult as long as you are willing to stick with it.

So here we are then. Here is my first piece of code...

"Hello Wplrd"

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