The bullying begins

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"Taylor POV"

*Ring* *Ring*

My alarm goes off and I hope right of of bed because I'm so excited for my first day of school.

I get up pet my dog "Miley" she's so sweet she's a pit bull and she's the cutest thing ever.

First thing I did when I got up was put on my glasses so I can see. Second I went to my bathroom and did all my hygiene things. Third I put on my clothes.

I'm wearing a shirt that I ordered offline that says nerdy bc I think I'm a nerd idk why though. Then my pants are just some leggings from hollister.

I go downstairs and eat some cereal my favorite CINAMON TOAST CRUNCH!! Then I said goodbye to my dog and also said goodbye to my mom and got on the bus.

----ON THE BUS-----

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