Gia's POV

'From the skies above

 To the deepest love

 I've never felt

 Crazy like this before


Paint my love

 You should paint my love

 It's a picture of a thousand sunsets

 It’s the freedom of a thousand doves

 Baby you should paint my love'

By the time he’d finished the song I was almost in tears and the crowd was cheering. He came off the stage and straight to me and wrapped his arms around me. Everyone in there was looking at us and 'oohing and ahhin' and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. And I bet all the girls in there would agree that I was. He eventually pulled away from the hug and I looked up into those gorgeous eyes.

 "Zayn..." I whispered.

 "I didn't mess it op did I?"

 "Are ya kiddin? No!"

 "Okeh good I've been practicin it for a while"

 "I noticed" I laughed. He put an arm around me and I rested my head against his chest. His heart was racing and only then did I realize just how nervous he was. Louis and Priya were ready to leave so we followed them out of there, but we were moving at a snail's pace so that we lagged quite a distance behind them. Once we were out of ear shot I decided to speak.

Zayn's POV

"No one has ever done anything like that for me" she smiled shyly.

 "So you liked it?" I teased.

 "Yes you dork" she punched my arm.

 "Hey c'mon you slowcoaches you can chat on the way, Gia's gonna miss her bedtime" Loueh called out and I attempted to walk faster, buh Gia just stopped in her tracks.

 "What?" I asked wonderin whah was up.

 "I love you too" she blushed. I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek and then put an arm around her as we made our weh to the car. I was glad Tommo was a slow driver cause that meant I got two more hours with her. They spent like half an hour talkin about my performance and it made me kinda awkward. But then Gia and I started chattin and all was well again. That lasted for like half an hour before she gently rested her head on my shoulder and was fast asleep. Watching her sleep, that was a first, buh I reckon I could geht used to it. She looked so peaceful and it was gehtin pretty hard to remember whah ma life had been like before I met Giashka.

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