chapter 33

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Okay so its my birthday. And i have to stand by hes side ? I swear we are standing outside, on one stop with hes arm lightly around my waist. No way this is going to continue.

Malia-" Am.. i have to pee." He didnt say anything. Stuck up alphas. I mean yea its nice he did this for me and he did a good job but seriously. No i didnt have to pee. I went to turn on different music. Love robbery. I remembered me and Matt always messing around to this song.. Ah shake it off ! I went into the crowd and started dancing. Most greeted me to doing the same. Then somo came on. Ride. My personal favourite. By then i can tell you the big alpha was watching me. And it started raining a little. I was swaying my hips, grinding the air. I was quite hoping it would move something inside him.

Nathans POV.

I admit she did look great. But no. She is here just for business. She disappeared and didnt come back. I spotted her dancing with the others. Some guy was dancing with her too. My wolf didnt like that. Jealous ? Haha no. She surely did know how to move her body.

Andrew-" Why dont you just go over to her ?" I just looked at him. Didnt need to say anything.

Malias POV.

I didnt pay attention to the boring alpha. He clearly didnt know how to have fun. Oh god two hands slide around my waist and spin me around. Oh the alpha. No waayy. My hands are on hes shoulders since im tall enough now. I cant help but look into hes eyes. Really light blue. Blueish grey colour. Hes hand slid on my lower back.

Ellie-" Tonight. I.want.tonight." Well god shes kicking again. He leaned down to my ear.

Nathan-" You look really great tonight." I smirked at him. We stayed like this until someone got pushed into the pool. Oh hey we could go in ? I kicked off my heels. Nathan just stared me. I grabbed the end of my dress and pulled it over my head. Revealing my piercing and tattoo. And i just dived in. What do you expect like. I got out the most sexiest way you can possibly do. With the angry alpha waiting for me. He fiercly wanted me the robe. He gestured me to go in but i ignored. Obviously and went to the bar. I got a few drinks down. Its hard to get drunk when your a werewolf. I wonder what the others are doing tonight.

Matts POV.

It should be Malias birthday tonight. I wonder if shes even doing anything.

MJ-" Come on Matt we have to go. She would do this if she was here !" She wants me to go to a club. I feel it though. Not without Malia. She dragged me out anyway. She told its half a werewolf club. Thats why Malia went here so often. We walked around got some drinks. Then i bumped into this girl. Her eyes sprakled. They big.

MJ-" Erm.. Matt ?" I shook my head. What was this weird feeling ?

Malias POV.

Hey yes i did get myself drunk. Thank god. I was wobbling around. Atleased i didnt have my heels on anymore god that wouldnt be good. Some ran into me and i started falling. No seriously i nearly slapped onto the ground. Until a pair of arms caught me.

Malia-" Uh-oh the big bad wolf is angry." I started laughing as I realised who it was.

Nathan-" You had enough." Gosh he said it so coldy. It was colder than the pool. He picked me up and carried me inside.

Malia-" You know you can be an asshole. It really bothers me." He didnt even flinch.

Malia-" What are you a robot ? Or just really bipolar ?" Ooh hes growling now.

Malia-" I should be with my friends. But they arent even looking for me. My dad wont save me. The only one who probably does is Matt." I got roughly thrown on the bed. And without a word he quickly left. Great. I woke up with quite a bad headache. I got out of my routine already. I managed to get downstairs. Mainly on all four.

Andrew-" Well well look whos up." I growled at him.

Malia-" What happened last night ?"

Andrew-" Well first you teased the alpha by dancing. Then teased some more when you stripped into your underwear and dived into the pool. You got drunk and called him a big bad angry wolf. Then you must of told him something after he dropped you off because he was more mad." Oh yes i remember now.

Malia-" Oh god. I have to apologise... after I get into line." I crashed onto the seat. Andrew got me some pills and water. I did eventually go to hes office. Well i walked back and forth if i should knock. Oh god i did knock. Growels behind the door so i just walked in.

Malia-" Ermm..alpha Nathan ?" I couldnt see him around the room.

Nathan-" How do you expect people to respect me when my own mate doesnt even listen ? She gets drunk." I started walking backwards slowly.

Nathan-" She strips into her underwear infront of everyone. Dances like a pole dancer." Oh great the bed is stopping me to move now. Hes eyes were dark. I was quite scared to be honest.

Nathan-" You dont respect me." He pushes me on the bed. I quickly push myself further away from him but he crawls after me.

Nathan-" Why are you so..god damm stuborn. And bad." Well hes ontop of me now. I feel like my heart will jump out of me any minute. He put hes hand around my waist and pulled me closer. He leaned down into me.

Nathan-" Start listening to your Alpha." And hes gone. Ugh!!! I hate when he does this !

Ellie-" What the hell was that ! I was just getting started. Go after him. Push him against the wall and get what you want !

Malia-" Ellie dont be stupid i cant push him against the wall. I know im strong enough but no. Keep your .. our hormones together." I heard chuckles. When did he come back ?! Well thats great. Just amazing. Im now going to use my super speed so super quickly get out of here.

Hey i thought of what Nathans character would look like if he had a famous look alike ! And i thought of Ed Westwick ?! other known as Chuck Bass. What do ye think ? :)

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