Chapter 5

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Friday evening at Edna's house was the same as usual, she was putting out her washing when she realised she usually puts her washing out on a Monday and Saturday. Oops. As quick as possible Edna collected the washing back in ready to put out tomorrow. She went and got her new lawn mower out of the shed and began to mow her, still mown lawn from last Friday, but she had to do it because that's her weekly routine.

Edna started the machine up and started to walk up and down, up and down her garden, making shore every blade of grass was as short and possible, and her garden looks even and neat. After she finished the main part of the lawn she got out her little mower that would go around the edges and get the grass from along the fence, to top off how good her garden looks. As she did that she was thinking about what she might have for dinner. By the end of her mowing she decided that she was going to have sausages, mushy peas and pasta. Edna is a old fashion cook, and likes to eat old food, or weird combernations.

Her daily routine on a Friday night then includes trimming all her bushes with great big scissors. However seeing as she had just come out of hospital and hasn't trimmed her bushes for a while, they were very over grown and left in a very ugly shape. Edna thought of a crazy idea ruining her routine. She went to her computer inside very quickly, got up YouTube and searched up 'how to shape a bush to look like an emu'. She got some results up on google and soon started making her bushes outside look like emus. By the end they looks very good and Edna was very pleased with herself.

Next on her list to do on a Friday evening was replant her plants into new pots. She had to do this every week into a slightly bigger pot because she though that if she didn't, her plants would become too big for the pot and might even break her pots (her pots are very previous to her). As she replanted her tomatoes, cucumbers, elm tree, oak tree and willow tree into slightly bigger pots, she was looking around at the beautiful sky that evening, and was making shapes out of the clouds. She pictures images in her head trying to figure out what the clouds looked like but she couldn't remember the animal they looked like. See, Edna has a bit of a memory problem, not too bad though she just forgets some words. Edna sat there thinking and thinking of what the word was of the animal all of the clouds looked like in the sky...

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