Diagon Alley was wonderful. It was full of wizards and magic and everything I always longed for. I felt complete, in a way. Hagrid led me to a wizarding bank called Gringotts, where I could get my money. We walked in and I stopped abruptly. An ancient woman behind me glared at me before continuing to walk.

"I'm sorry!" I called to her, and my voice echoed throughout the dome of the bank's lobby. Anyway, the reason why I stopped. Behind all of the counters were many small men, all with large noses. It was like something out of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

"Goblins. They run Gringotts instead of wizards. Nasty lot, so keep your distance and let me talk to 'em." Hagrid explained. I let out a relieved sigh and followed close behind as he led me to the front counter. "'Ello. I'm here to get money out of a vault."

"Name and key." The Goblin sneered. Hagrid fished through his pockets for a while before pulling out an old brass key.

"Ah! 'Ere we go. Daniella Winters' vault, please."

"And where is Daniella?" I had been hiding behind Hagrid, hoping no one would notice me.

"Right here." I sighed, and stepped out from my shelter. The goblin had a sour look on it's face before it turned and motioned for us to follow. I returned to my position behind Hagrid, where I hoped I was safe. We climbed onto a cart like contraption and immediately took off. I was thrown to the side as we took turns and went uphill, downhill, and even did barrel rolls. It actually was a little bit fun. But I would never admit that.

"Winters. Vault 718." The goblin said after we had gotten off. He stuck the key into a keyhole and turned. The door slid open with an echoing CREEK! Inside was tons of money, from Sickles to Knuts to Galleons. The goblin pulled out a burlap sack and shoveled some into it. "That should about do it. Now, get back on. We have people more important than you." He muttered.

We climbed back on and made the return trip, which was even shorter than the first ride. "So what next?" I asked Hagrid as we exited Gringotts.

"Yeh got ter get fitted fer yer uniform. Down at Madame Malkin's." He pointed to an old store that looked as if it was burnt on one side. I said nothing of it, I figured it was a sensitive topic. "I'll look around fer other stuff you'll be needin' while you get fitted." Hagrid told me, and walked off.

I pushed open the door to Madame Malkin's to see another boy my age already getting fitted. Before I could say anything to him, however, a lady who I assumed was Madame Malkin greeted me. "Hello, young lady. What uniform will you be needing?"

"Um, I'm going to Hogwarts, if that helps." I answered.

Madame Malkin smiled. "Perfect. Now just stand on the stool next to that young man over there and I'll be over in a few seconds." I obeyed and walked over to an empty stool.

"Hi." I greeted the boy as I stepped onto my stool. Madame Malkin was immediately there, shoving me in a robe and pinning it in all sorts of places.

"Are you going to Hogwarts?" The boy asked abruptly.

Startled, it took me a second to respond. "Yeah, yeah I am. I'm guessing you are too?"

The boy stared at me for the longest time before saying anything. "You're American, aren't you?"

"Yes, that I am. Why?"

"Americans can't go to Hogwarts. It's forbidden."

Our conversation plunged into an awkward silence after that. So I was left to listen to the gossip of the seamstress'. "Did you hear that thre's a 'Muggleborn' girl going into first year named Winters? Her chaperone's saying no relation to the famous Auror, unfortunately." Madame Malkin said.

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