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I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and went to use the bathroom . I had my hair in a bun and some black tights and a tank top on . I brushed my teeth and wet the rag and washed my face with it . I walked downstairs and saw my mom cooking breakfast she had her long hair in a ponytail she's so pretty . " Sabaah al-khayr Ummi " I spoke . " Sabaah al-khayr Bint " She said. My brother came down stairs and greeted us " Sabaah al-khayr " He saiand sat next to me . My mom gave us our plates and we are then I went to get dressed. I put my black Khimar on and my all black Overgarment after I got out the shower I put my black and white Oreos .

" Fahteir I just saw you yesterday " I said laughing we were standing in front of his house he called me over .

" I know but I can't at least get a hug ? " He asked .

I gave him a hug and he rocked back and forth . I smiled and let go and we walked inside his house .


Me and Suhaylah was now sitting on the couch with my daughter Aleemah . She six months and so bad but she like Suhaylah she put her right to sleep .

" here let me go put her in her crib " I said taking her out of Suhaylah's arms . I put her upstairs then came back downstairs and layed on Suhaylah. " Why you always laying on me ? " She asked smiling

" Cause you so comfy " I said . She laughed

" Can I have a kiss ? " I asked

" Nope " She said . After five more minutes of asking She gave me a kiss her soft ass lips . I love soft lips man she gonna be the one .


I'm at home now and on FaceTime with Fahteir he's so funny . He doing every dance I ask him to I can't stop laughing .

" I'm dead serious i used to eat ants when I was little you don't wanna believe me " He said I bust out laughing .

" Eww were they good? " I asked

" Naw just crunchy " He said . We were on FaceTime all night then got on the phone and he fell asleep on me .


I woke up and took a quick shower I put my black Kufi on and my Thobe my all black Prada sneakers I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I went and woke Aleemah up . I washed her up then put her pink Khimar on and her pink short sleeve shirt her mom packed her then her Black Levi's and her pink chucks. I put her bag in the car and took her to get some ice cream not like she could eat it by her self then I took her home to her mom . I kissed her cheek then left .


" Ummi it's not my turn " I told my mom

" Tell Nafeese to get his ass down here now " Just as she said that he came downstairs

" Take out the trash and clean this kitchen you should of been did it . " She said going upstairs

I laughed and sat back on the couch . I was so happy I got my new phone i had the IPhone 5 for the longest I have the white IPhone 5c now Nafeese has the 5s but he been got his .

" Yo Sue open the door Fahteir outside " as soon as he said that I got happy . all I had on was a black crop top and some sweat shorts I was comfy .

I opened the door and he greeted us " "As-Salaam-Alaikum". "Wa-Alaikum-Salaam" Me and Nafeese said at the same time . He gave me a hug and kissed my cheek . I sat on the couch and watched bad girls club and Nafeese went upstairs leaving me and Fahteir downstairs laughing at Blu .

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