"You see those dirtbags right there?"Dad asked as he pointed at the man covered in tattoos on the T.V.

"Yes."I smiled.

I never told my Dad but those guys were kinda cute.

"Never go for them."He spoke softly.

"Why?" I asked. My heart was breaking because he dosen't like my taste in guys.

"Because they're jerks. They only want one thing and one thing only."He said as the guy slapped a girl.

I cringed. Why?

"Ok." I said sadly. Are they all like that?

"You have to promise me,Soph."He whispered and stuck out his pinky.

"I promise."I smiled and wrapped my pinky around his.

"I love you."He said.

"I love you too Daddy."I said and hugged him.

"Don't disappoint me."He said as I walked away from his hospital bed.

"I won't."I said and left the hospital room.


"I thought I told you to call me Mikey." He growled in my ear as he roughly pushed me against the wall.

I let out a small "Oof." And he returned  his lips to mine.

"Sorry. I guess I forgot." I smirked against his soft lips.

All I could think as this continued was 'Sorry,Dad.'

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