Engagement Disaster

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Normal POV:

Jeminah Inaiah Reid was  fourteen year old heir of the well known wealthy family of the Reid's .But unfortunately Jem is married to the 15 year old heartrob, playboy, heartbreaker, smart, sweet John Lenard Mabagos

Jem's POV:

"Ugh! why did this have to happen to me? Of all people!" as I keep screaming in my head.

4 hours earlier:

I was sound asleep after all the rufus last night ib the party at my friend's house. Then one of my maid knocked on the door "Princess, you awake?",she asked

"Hhhm? yeah, why?" on a yawning tone

"Your Mom is waiting for you at the garden she says that she going to have a word with you, Princess"on a worried voice

"Tell her I'll be there in a while, Aries" in a sleepy voice.

Mom isn't busy today huh?Better get ready to meet her of else .

15 minutes later:

As I headed to the garden I saw Mom sitting on the blanket placed on the grass which was kinda odd..She'd rather sit on the chair and drink tea there but a blanket? this is not her ...

"Inaiah?" while in a worried look.
"Yeah Mom?"snapping back to reality.
"Come sit beside me dear" while pats on the blanket
" I was said thet youll talk to me about something" Out of curiousity
"Well I've been thinking t-t-hat you should study at Royal Academy"she said while a bit worry in her eyes
"But I thought Im gonna study at St. Nicks University?"I ask confused.
"Well your father's desicion was at Royal Academy dear and you can't disappoint your father .You should understand you can handle yourself pretty well"while sips on her tea
"But Mom, Dad will understand. Please *puppy eyes*" I hope she's gonna buy this, I dont do tgis ussually.
"Sorry Dear, your already enrolled" she says while I stare at her.

I stomped my feet away from her.And I heard her say "And you'll stay with your husband"as I walked back and went to her "What?, you cant do that. I can stay with someone else or rent my own apartment. I'm not staying with a douche!" I shouted
"Young lady you cabt accuse someone for something they aint!" she talks back in a calm voice.
"Easy for you to say, you married because of love, not money!"As I ran crying to my room.

"What I gonna do?, maybe I cqn jump of our roof or hang myself up with a rope."as I said with a frown on my face like a person with a billion problems
"Well nothings wrong Jem. Your lucky to be married to the 'John Lenard Mabagos'. And that guy is so handsoooooome!"as I can hear the smile on Erika's face on the other line.
"Its not funny, you try beibg married at 8 years old and the guy is a basketball playboy?."as I said in a pathetic tone.
"Yeah, whatever."giving up
"Maybe you'll fall 'in-love-with-the-guy'."

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