Chapter 4

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I'm sorry for the late chapter, I struggled to write it and then went on holiday with no wifi! Will try and get the next one written and uploaded soon :)

"We are the champions my friend!"

"Lauren that is the fifth time you've sung that, we got it the first time."

"Are you being a sore loser Holden?"

"No. The song gets annoying after a while."

"Aw come on Brian! It's Queen! The best band in the world!"

"I didn't say anything bad about Queen, just your singing!"

Lauren gasped dramatically and pulled a hurt face.

"Brian, how could you? I'm so upset!"

"Alright you two, enough with the drama! We need to go to town to buy marshmallows and chocolate digestives for the campfire this evening."

"We're having a campfire? I LOVE CAMPFIRES! Why didn't you tell me we were having one before Julia?"

"Because we knew you'd act like this! If anyone wants to join me and Jaime in town, we're leaving now!"

Nobody moved, they were all too tired after travelling and racing to walk into the town.

"I think it's just me and you Jules. See you guys later!"

"Wait Jaime if they have red vines get some for me please!"

"Joey I swear you're addicted to them, but sure we'll grab some."

Julia and Jaime left, leaving the others to sit and watch TV. After a while, Meredith whispered something to Holden, stood up and went upstairs. She returned a few minutes later with a bright pink notebook. Brian muted the TV as Meredith stood in front of the screen.

"So guys I've had another great idea! We should come up with team names and keep a scoreboard so we know who wins at the end of the holiday."



"So we've got Team Red Vines-"

Joey and Lauren cheered when their team name was mentioned.

"Team Meredith Came Up With The Idea But We Cant Think Of A Team Name. Seriously guys?"

"I'm sorry Brian! We are useless!"

"Holden you helped write half our shows! Where's your creative side?"

"I may have left it at the Starkid manor."

"I have an idea for your name guys!"

"Glad to see Darren is being creative!"

"Well not really, but we could use your ship name!"

"Seriously? You want us to call ourselves Team Breredith?"

"Yes. Problem Holden?"

"No. I have no ideas so we might as well use it."

"Ok so Team Red Vines, Team Breredith, The Totally Awesome Team. Really Darren and Joe? The Totally Awesome Team?"

"It's an awesome name and you know it Rosenthal!"

"Whatever Walker. Then of course the best team-"

"You guys are last how are you the best?"

"Minor details Joey... Anyway, Team Bryan."

"You named the team after yourself... "

"No! We combined our names it's spelt B-R-Y-A-N."

"That's clever!"

"What about Jaime and Julia's team name? Are we going to wait for them to get back or make up one for them?"

Before anyone could answer, Jaime and Julia walked through the door, and threw a packet of red vines at Joey. Julia walked in to the kitchen and began putting the food in the cupboards, whilst Jaime came and joined the others in the lounge.

"Hey guys, whilst we were walking through town, Julia and I came up with an awesome idea! We could create team names so that- Why are you all laughing?"

"Meredith came up with the same idea! We've all been working on our names."

"I guess great minds think alike hey Jaime? Did you and Jules come up with a name?"

"Yeah, the Great J's! What's everyone's team names then?"

"Team Red Vines."

Joey held up the half eaten packet of red vines and pulled the same face he did in A Very Potter Sequel.

"Team Breredith."


"Jaime calm down! Darren and I are The Totally Awesome Team."

"And we're team Bryan, but before you think we named it after Brian, it's our names put together."

"Has Jaime told you our idea?"

Julia walked in and sat on a beanbag at Darren's feet.

"Yeah. Meredith came up the same idea, so we'd already come up with names for our teams."

"Oh that's cool. What names did you guys come up with?"

For the third time that day, everyone said their team names. They then decided to set up the campfire and play games around it, though Meredith was paranoid that someone was going to get burnt.


"Walker can't draw, Walker can't draw, Walker cannot draw! He only reads books and he cannot draw even if he's reading a how to draw book!"

Joe picked up Lauren and dumped her on the sofa to try and stop her singing. It didn't work.

"Lauren, you didn't even win pictionary, be quiet."

"I'll never be quiet!"

Lauren stood up and started jumping from sofa to sofa.

"You've had way to much sugar Lauren, I'm going to bed, like a normal person would."

"Wait, everyone's going to sleep? But guuuuuuuuuuuys! It's only 1:30, we should stay up and party!"

"Well you can party by yourself Lo, just don't wake me up when you come in."

"Joey I was counting on you! Fine. If everyone is going to bed, there's no point me staying up."

Lauren slowly walked up the stairs after the others, and by the time she had got ready for bed, her sugar high had worn off and she was tired.

"Night Joey."

Lauren collapsed onto her bed, and before Joey answered, she was asleep. Joey snuck across the room and took a photo of her, before turning off the light and getting into bed himself. He posted a tweet before going to sleep.

'Haha gotcha @LaurenLopez1! Someone said she wasn't tired but look who fell asleep straight away!'

Joey turned off his notifications, knowing the others would reply, turned to face the wall and went to sleep.

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